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General Warranty Policy and Limitations Sentera Europa NV

All Sentera products are covered by a standard warranty of two years upon date of delivery. This warranty however is limited to replacement of defects or faults recognized by Sentera including (repair) costs involved. Transport costs and involved risks from and to Sentera Controls warehouse are at all time the responsibility of the customer. In order to fulfil is warranty obligations Sentera Controls maintains the right, without obligation, to replace a product completely. The warranty on the by Sentera Controls produced and sold products expires 24 months after delivery (invoice date). Sentera Controls warranty does not cover products which have been subjected to unauthorized alterations or modifications as well as products with mechanical or electronic faults caused by unskilled personnel, or products for which there is no proof that they were supplied by Sentera Controls or failure by the purchaser to fulfil its obligations under “the general sales and delivery conditions”.

Pay attention to the following:
Sentera Controls warranty shall not apply to defective components or parts resulting from incorrect voltage supply, overloads, wrong connections or mishandling.(smoke/soot traces on print plates or parts of a product can indicate such failures). A swift settlement concerning defective items can be delayed or rejected because of a missing or incomplete report from the purchaser. To enable Sentera Controls to deal with damaged/defective products in a prompt and efficient manner a proper report with a clear description of the problem is essential together with a copy of the products invoice. Repairs are free of charge when warranty policy applies. In the event a returned product does not reveal any fault or errors during detailed testing Sentera Controls shall charge research costs with a minimum of € 15,00 charge. Return of an incomplete product (missing accessories) for repair or replacement is not possible.

Transport damage, how to handle!
  1. Do not adjust anything to the packaging or product.
  2. Do not use any damaged products (yet).
  3. Report the damage to the carrier as described below.
  4. Inform Sentera Controls about damage as described below.
  5. Sentera will need the following documents: packing list with description of the damage and also a written damage declaration accompanied by some photos.

Failure to follow this procedure can delay or negate related insurance settlements.

By damaged packaging: unwrap the goods in presence of the courier and make sure damage is clearly described on CMR or Packing list. Report the damage to Sentera Controls immediately by email, fax or registered letter.
Packaging not damaged/contents damaged or faulty: contact courier as soon as possible and report the damage also on packing list and CMR. Report the damage to Sentera Controls immediately by email, fax or registered letter.
At all times the goods need to remain in the same state as they were upon detecting the damage. Do not return the goods before taking the actions mentioned above. Returns are not permitted prior to confirmation from Sentera Controls. Such confirmation from Sentera Controls does not mean Sentera acknowledges responsibility and therefore no related invoices can be withheld on due date.
Date 21-04-2022
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