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Monitor your fresh air supply

21/09/2022 Yves Vinck

HVAC sensors monitor indoor air quality. Based on specific measurements supply and exhaust fan speed is regulated to guarantee sufficient fresh air supply and to optimise the energy efficiency of the ventilation system.

Monitor your fresh air supply
Indoor air quality
Indoor air quality is very important to a company. Poor air quality costs a company money. It leads to increasing health problems amongst employees, resulting in higher absenteeism due to illness. Ventilation is necessary to guarantee good indoor air quality. That is why fresh air supply in the Sentera factory is continuously monitored and logged. When there is activity at the production site, the indoor air quality decreases. People on the work floor produce CO2, the plastic injection machines produce VOCs and the relative humidity can fluctuate.
Demand based ventilation
Air Handling Units are installed next to the factory to supply fresh air. Fresh outside air is cooled during summer and heated during winter by means of the extracted indoor air. During exceptionally warm days, extra cooling can be provided. It goes without saying that during such days a lot of energy is required to cool the fresh outside air before it can be supplied into the factory building. CO2 sensors and air quality sensors in the air ducts monitor the quality of the extracted indoor air. Supply and exhaust fan speed is controlled in function of the measured indoor air quality. This demand-based ventilation ensures the supply of sufficient fresh air.
When the indoor air quality is sufficient, the supply of fresh air is reduced to save energy. The air volume that is supplied to the building is monitored on a continuous basis by differential pressure sensors.
Monitor fresh air supply via SenteraWeb
The different HVAC sensors and fan speed controllers are connected to SenteraWeb via an internet gateway. SenteraWeb is the online HVAC platform for remote control, monitoring and data logging. Both Sentera devices and registered non-Sentera devices can be connected to SenteraWeb. All measured values can be visualised and parameter settings can be adjusted. In case threshold values are exceeded, a notification or warning is sent via email or text message. The day-week schedule enables to optimise the ventilation system in function of the planned activities.
Who is Sentera?
Sentera is one of the leading manufacturers of control solutions for HVAC and ventilation systems. Our mission is to make intelligent HVAC control solutions that are easy to use! We develop, manufacture and promote fan speed controllers, HVAC sensors, HVAC controllers and actuator powered dampers to control airflows and to monitor indoor air quality. Today, the Sentera group counts 8 companies and 150 employees based in 4 different locations. Headquarters and the central warehouse are located in Temse, Belgium. Sentera is a 100 % family owned group of companies. For more information, contact Sentera!
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