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Ventilation systems in the catering industry

Summer has finally arrived and soon we will all be leaving for our favourite holiday destination. After an intensive day of vacation, we often like to put our feet under the table in an authentic local restaurant to enjoy the local specialties. As soon as the fragrant dishes appear on the table and stimulateour senses, we realize (as an HVAC professional) that the kitchen is most likely equipped with an efficient ventilation system.
Ventilation systems in the catering industry
Did you know that Sentera offers numerous solutions for ventilation systems in the catering industry?

Sentera transformer fan speed controllers are used by our customers in professional kitchens all over the world. They are intended for stepped speed control of the electric motors in (a.o.) cooker hoods. They use autotransformer technology to reduce the motor voltage - and fan speed - in steps. Thanks to this technology, they generate a motor voltage with a perfect sinusoidal shape. This results in exceptionally quiet motor operation and extended service life. Transformer fan speed controllers are cost efficient and have proven to be very reliable and robust. They can also be used in circumstances with unstable power supply. These type of fan speed controllers are easy to install and don’t require any configuration. Some transformer fan speed controllers have an integrated rotary switch to manually adjust the fan speed, while other variants can be controlled remotely via Modbus RTU or via an analogue control signal. Some even have an emergency button to activate smoke extraction.

Under pressure areas
In situations where under pressure is required, to keep odours out of certain areas, the Sentera differential pressure controllers can be used to control the ventilation system. These HVAC controllers are used to control differential pressure or air volume flow. Air velocity control is also possible in combination with a pitot tube. Typically these products are used to guarantee a constant volume flow under fluctuating demands or to maintain a difference in air pressure between two rooms, keeping unwanted odours out of certain areas.

Filter guard
In an efficient and well maintained ventilation system, a filter guard is indispensable. Sentera differential pressure sensors can measure differential pressure, air volume flow or air velocity. A typical application is to monitor differential pressure over an air filter and generate an alert in case the filter is polluted. The measured value is transmitted via an analogue output and via a Modbus RTU register. All settings can be adjusted via Modbus RTU.

So, when enjoying your next lunch or dinner, remember that Sentera is never far away. Have a nice holiday!

Innovation is our motivation!
Since 1997 Sentera has been a leading manufacturer of innovative control equipment for HVAC systems. Innovation is our motivation! In addition to the development of sensors and fan speed controllers, we also offer numerous network solutions for ventilation systems. The 'Internet of Sentera' is our latest development and allows you to monitor and configure your ventilation system via the internet. For more information about our products and solutions, you can always contact one of our employees.

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