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TCMF8 – HVAC controller for AC fans

07/08/2023 An De Ridder

Quality ventilation in rooms with high ceilings can be a challenge. Warm air in these rooms rises while cold air lingers at human height. We keep finding it chilly even though there is enough warm air in the room, and turn up the heating as a result. This is not necessary if destratification is provided, pushing the warm air back down.

TCMF8 – HVAC controller for AC fans
Specifically for this purpose, Sentera developed the TCMF8 speed controller. It can control up to two AC fans based on 2 temperature measurements (one at ceiling height and one at ground level). These measurements are done by 2 DTS temperature sensors, making it possible to optimally control destratification fans. 

The controllers have an integrated 24 V power supply for the connection of external sensors / potentiometers and need a supply voltage of 230 VAC
These can be used for other typical applications like the control of air curtains and heat recovery units. We recommend to use our F- en M-type sensors (24 VDC or PoM supply voltage) or the SDP* / MTP* potentiometers. By means of an internet gateway, application specific firmware can be downloaded and the installation can be monitored and/or adjusted remotely. Multiple combinations or solutions are possible for which a specific firmware is needed. For each solution, the firmware can be downloaded via SenteraWeb - the online HVAC portal.

This HVAC controller has 2 outputs, that can each handle output currents of 3 A per output, or 6 A per output. Both types (3 A or 6 A) are available in three different versions.
TCMF8-*DM: this is the basic version without integrated internet gateway. This unit will work stand-alone. An internet gateway is needed however, to download the firmware. After that, you can choose to leave the internet gateway connected or to disconnect it.
TCMF8-*WF: Unit with integrated internet gateway that can be connected to the existing network via Wi-Fi.
TCMF8-*EW: unit with integrated internet gateway that can be connected to the existing network either via Wi-Fi or via a LAN-cable.

Technical information

2 analogue inputs to connect external HVAC sensors or potentiometers. They can also be connected via Modbus RTU communication. To simplify wiring of the external devices, 24 Volt supply is available via the RJ45 socket. The 24 Volt supply and Modbus communication can be distributed via one cable - we call it Power over Modbus or PoM. All settings can be adjusted via the Modbus Holding registers.

2 regulated outputs to control AC fans with single-phase motor. Fan speed is regulated by reducing motor voltage via phase angle control / TRIAC technology. This means that this speed controller is only suitable for voltage controllable motors. If you are not sure whether your motor is voltage controllable, it is best to contact the motor manufacturer. This speed controller works completely silently. Thanks to the accurate motor control, humming motor noise at low speed remains limited.

2 inputs for thermal motor protection
When an AC motor fails, it is often due to overheating. In order to detect motor overheating in time, some motors are equipped with TK or thermal contacts. These thermal contacts measure temperature in the motor windings. TCMF8 fan speed controllers can monitor two thermal motor contacts. In case of motor overheating, the TK monitoring function will disable the motor to prevent permanent motor damage. The motor TK can be connected to the TK and 24 VDC terminals. 

IP54 enclosure for wall mounting

This fan speed controller can be installed on a wall or panel indoors. Make sure that the fan speed controller can cool sufficiently. Preferably install it in a cool place, best not in direct sunlight. The enclosure is made of high-quality r-ABS VO (UL94) plastic. This material is flame extinguishing, very tough and offers good protection against external impacts. It offers an IP54 protection against ingress dust and water. 

Different functionalities 
We already offer a limited number of specific firmware versions for typical HVAC applications (e.g. destratification, demand based fan speed control, etc) on our website. First you select the required functionality via our website's solution page, then download the application specific firmware. If necessary, it is possible to adjust some settings via the Modbus Holding registers. No programming is required! 

The same type of controller is available for EC-motors as well: ECMF8. You can find it here.

If you have another situation in which you think you can use this controller, please contact us to see if we can write the specific firmware. We make things happen!
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