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Monitoring fresh air flow

The Sentera DPS differential pressure sensor guarantees the display of the actual and real air flow rate in function of the occupancy rate of a room or building
Monitoring fresh air flow
Due to the current covid-19 situation it is now more clear than ever that sufficient and efficient ventilation is the key to achieving good indoor air quality. However, with the rising energy prices and the coming winter period, the permanent or frequent opening of windows and doors will no longer be possible. A more efficient and targeted ventilation is required.
Minimum fresh airflow per room
In the Building regulation, reference is made to the required ventilation rates for different rooms. These ventilation rates are expressed in l/s and can easily be converted to m³/h (1 l/s = 3,6 m³/h). Based on these values, the required fan speed and/or fresh air flow rate (m³/h) can be determined. It is important here to determine / monitor the actual flow rate of the ventilation system.
Monitoring a correct fresh air flow
The Sentera DPS differential pressure sensors offer the appropriate solution. These sensors are available in a range from 0 - 1 kPa to 0 - 10 kPa and display the exact air flow rate in a ventilation system by means of a clear and well-arranged LCD screen. The measured value is also available via Modbus and via an analogue output signal (0-10 VDC / 0-20 mA / 0-100 % PWM). When installing the DPS differential pressure sensor, the K-factor of the fan must be entered in the appropriate Modbus register. If the K-factor is not known, a Pitot tube can be used. This Pitot tube measures the air velocity in the duct and in combination with the diameter of the duct, the DPS differential pressure sensor then calculates the flow rate (m³/h). When manually setting (changing) the fan speed using a fan speed controller (transformer, electronic, potentiometer or frequency converter) the DPS differential pressure sensor will then always display the actual and real air flow rate. In this way, a correct flow rate is guaranteed at all times in function of the occupancy rate of a room or building.
Innovation is our motivation!
Since 1997 Sentera has been a leading manufacturer of innovative control equipment for HVAC systems. Innovation is our motivation! In addition to the development of sensors and fan speed controllers, we also offer numerous network solutions for ventilation systems. The 'Internet of Sentera' is our latest development and allows you to monitor and configure your ventilation system via the internet. For more information about our products and solutions, you can always contact one of our employees.
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