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Date  16/03/2021
Created by Yves Vinck
CO2 monitoring system to reduce the risk of COVID-19 contamination
Fresh indoor air reduces the risk of COVID-19 contaminations. Sentera HVAC sensors check whether there is sufficient fresh air supply. The measurements can be visualised via a 5-inch touchscreen.
Date  01/02/2021
Created by Yves Vinck
CO2 sensors with visual and audible alert
Too high CO2 concentrations? Sentera CO2 sensors are now available with audible alert. On top of that, the green, yellow and red LED offer a clear, visual indication of the CO2 level. The supply voltage is 230 V or 24 V.
Date  30/10/2020
Created by Teodora Nikolova Gancheva
Ventilation systems in Covid-19 times
Ventilation systems in Covid-19 times
Date  01/10/2020
Created by Teodora Nikolova Gancheva
Flush mountable HVAC sensors
These HVAC sensors are suitable for surface mounting or flush mounting. The LED indicators provide a visual indication of the air quality.
Date  09/07/2020
Created by Anja Franken
Brand new AC fan speed controllers
The brand new SDX and SDY fan speed controllers, replace the good old MTX and MTY series. Discover the looks of the next decade!
Date  15/06/2020
Created by Anja Franken
Electronic fan speed controllers
Fan speed control for voltage controllable AC motors
Date  05/06/2020
Created by Anja Franken
Transformer fan speed controllers
Reliable and simple fan speed controllers for AC voltage controllable motors.
Date  08/05/2020
Created by Kerana Mitkova Doncheva
Control switches and Potentiometers
How to control EC fan speed?
Date  20/01/2020
Created by Kerana Mitkova Doncheva
Outdoor sensors
HVAC sensors designed for applications in harsh environments
Date  05/11/2019
Created by Yves Vinck
3S Modbus HVAC configuration software
The Modbus configuration tool for all Sentera products with Modbus RTU communication
Date  30/10/2019
Created by Kerana Mitkova Doncheva
Failure or alert detection
Audible and visual alarm module ALR-M
Date  27/09/2019
Created by Yves Vinck
Intelligent sensors
The brand new flush mounted HVAC sensors feature a contemporary design that will seamlessly match your interior. The sensor is recessed into the wall to combine good operation with a discrete presence. Also available with 230 VAC power supply.
Date  06/02/2019
Created by Yves Vinck
Digital duct temperature sensors
Modbus RTU duct temperature sensors