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SenteraWeb - IoT for the HVAC industry

Internet of Things - or IoT - refers to the billions of physical devices around the world that are now connected to the internet, all collecting and sharing data. The IoT is a giant network of connected things and people – all of which collect and share data about the way they are used and about the environment around them. The Internet of Things is making the fabric of the world around us more smarter and more responsive, merging the digital and physical universes.
SenteraWeb - IoT for the HVAC industry
Why is Internet of Things (IoT) so important?
Over the past few years, IoT has become one of the most important technologies of the 21st century. Today, our planet has more connected devices than it has people. The IoT will transform the way businesses, governments and humans interact with the rest of the connected world. In this hyper connected world, digital systems can record, monitor and adjust each interaction between connected things. The physical world meets the digital world—and they cooperate.
IoT and Sentera
Sentera is known for its high-performance HVAC control solutions that are easy to use. Innovation has always been one of our main strengths. Thanks to IoT technology, we can make our products more intelligent and tailor them even better to meet the requirements of your application. When a technical fault occurs in a ventilation system, the ventilation system itself will send a warning. Thanks to data logging it is possible to view and evaluate the indoor air quality of the past weeks. Is the capacity of the ventilation system sufficient?
SenteraWeb - IoT for the HVAC industry
Via an internet gateway, Sentera product(s) or solutions can be connected to SenteraWeb. This is a software platform that was developed by Sentera and is optimally tailored to our products and solutions. The connected devices send data to SenteraWeb and receive firmware updates or parameter updates. Do you have an HVAC control solution with Sentera sensors and an EBM-Papst EC motor, an Invertek frequency controller or a Grüner damper actuator? Don't worry, these products can also be connected to SenteraWeb.
What is the benefit for the customer?
HVAC control solutions that are connected to SenteraWeb, offer the customer many benefits. Today, following functionalities are available:
Data logging - All values measured by the connected devices are stored in SenteraWeb. This makes it possible, for example, to view the evolution of temperature, humidity or CO2 values over the past few weeks.
Receive alerts - If a threshold value is exceeded, the ventilation system sends you a warning. In case of a defect an alert can be sent.
Remote control - SenteraWeb makes it possible to remotely monitor the status of a connected device or to adjust settings.
Firmware updates - Connected devices can receive a firmware update via SenteraWeb. Additional functionalities can be made available via new firmware. Application specific firmware can be downloaded via SenteraWeb. So the customer does not need to program a 'universal HVAC controller' - just download the firmware for your application and adjust some settings. HVAC distributors can sell standard Sentera products.
Reduce stock - Via a firmware update, several functionalities are available. This allows the HVAC distributor to reduce the number of item codes in stock.
And more to come!
Typical applications
End users can receive an alert when the air filter of their ventilation system is clogged and needs replacement.
Schools, restaurants or sport clubs can receive a warning when the CO2 level exceeds the threshold value. By analyzing the CO2 loggings, it is possible to see if the capacity of the ventilation system is sufficient in different circumstances.
HVAC installers can receive a notification when the fresh air supply drops below the minimum threshold value. They can schedule an intervention before their customer detects a problem.
AHU manufacturers can monitor their installations in the field. Current consumption, air volume flows and other data can be logged. Based on these data, they can further optimize their installations.
The future of HVAC control solutions
Ventilation and good indoor air quality is essential. To assure good indoor air quality, the ventilation system must operate fully autonomously on a continuous basis. The additional possibilities offered by IoT technology can make an important contribution to the reliability of a ventilation system. With the insight provided by advanced analytics comes the power to make control solutions more efficient. In the years to come, SenteraWeb will allow us to further optimize our control solutions and tailor them even better to your needs. Our HVAC control solutions will become more and more intelligent and discreetly create your perfect environment.
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