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Sentera – your partner in HVAC control solutions

Sentera is your partner in HVAC control solutions

Intelligent, innovative and easy to use

Sentera is one of the leading manufacturers of control solutions for HVAC and ventilation systems. It all started with fan speed controllers. Until today, our product range covers different solutions to control AC or EC fan speed, manually or demand based. From simple - yet solid - transformer fan speed controllers, over electronic fan speed controllers to variable frequency drives. For manual control, we have a complete range of potentiometers and control switches!

Our product range has been further expanded with electric heater controllers, HVAC sensors, sensor controllers, power supply modules and distribution boxes.

From a simple manual control to a sophisticated building management system, we have the solution to it all. On top of that, our products are easy to use and easy to install – discover them on our products page!

Innovation is our drive! New technologies create new possibilities to increase the energy efficiency and the performance of ventilation systems. Our universal HVAC controllers communicate seamlessly with our HVAC sensors and fan speed controllers. They control air flows in function of your requirements. We can optimise your indoor air quality while realising significant energy savings.

Via the Sentera Internet Gateway, your smart ventilation system can be connected to the internet. It allows you to monitor all relevant parameters on a continuous basis. Discover typical combinations on our solution page!

From a simple fan speed controller up to an intelligent control solution that is able to optimise the supply of fresh air in function of your needs! Thanks to our exceptionally wide range of product groups, we can combine standard products and create a complete HVAC control solution. Single products and complete control solutions can be monitored and controlled via the internet.

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Air quality management

How to monitor air quality? Indoor air quality or IAQ is not merely a matter of how the environment feels. Polluted indoor air also has a direct impact on our health and wellbeing. It's our mission to optimise your comfort, your indoor air quality and to contribute to your health in a positive way. The complete range of Sentera HVAC transmitters allow us to monitor, measure or control the following air parameters using а single device:


How to control fan speed? This topic has been our speciality for many years and until today, our product range offers different solutions, based on different technologies – each with their own, specific advantages.

  • Potentiometers and HVAC sensor controllers can control EC fans in a simple but reliable way.
  • Variable frequency drives provide optimal AC motor control for pump or fan applications.
  • Electronic fan speed controllers are easy to use and require minimum installation time. They offer a silent solution for infinitely variable AC fan speed control in various applications and industries.
  • Transformer fan speed controllers regulate AC fan speed in steps and are used in various applications: they control kitchen hoods, warm air heaters and even fans in agricultural applications.

How to control an air handling unit? A performant ventilation system requires a smart HVAC controller that is easy to use. Our HVAC controllers use the input of the HVAC transmitters to control the supply and extraction fans and to optimise the air flow on a continuous basis to create your perfect environment. The system can work standalone, it can be integrated in your BMS system or it can be connected to the internet for remote control and monitoring – the choice is yours!

Product Overview

What is more…

Our devices can be combined in complete HVAC solutions and managed locally or remotely, also via the Internet using Sentera’s free software apps.

Product Overview

We create your perfect environment!


Together with the increased thermal insulation of our buildings, the importance of intelligent ventilation systems is rising. Ventilation is required to maintain a good indoor air quality and to minimise energy losses. By using innovative technology, we continuously adapt to the ever-changing needs of the HVAC market. We manufacture and commercialise a complete range of standard products. These products can work stand alone or they can be combined into intelligent control solutions for HVAC and ventilation systems to increase your indoor wellbeing.

Our global expertise offers you a complete range of control solutions that help you to create your perfect environment. We develop innovative control solutions that are easy to use, intelligent and affordable.

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You are the motor behind our innovation

Two decades of innovation in the HVAC industry

Sentera operates worldwide. We do not only deliver products and services for HVAC installers and leading European distributors of HVAC equipment, but also focus our business on original equipment manufacturers or OEM, as well as on end users through our online store.

Your imagination can become reality. Our R&D departments in Belgium and Bulgaria are ready to work with you in the creation of your personalised products and help you address the market demands. Feedback from our customers is of crucial importance. We consider each customer's opinion in order to develop unique products and meet our customers' needs. Thanks to them, we are able to create complete solutions to control different environments, always in accordance with the ever-changing needs of the market.

Great customer service is our priority! Whatever you may need, you will always be treated with patience, attentiveness, profound product knowledge and in time.

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More than two decades of innovation in the HVAC industry


The Sentera Group was founded back in 1997 by the Belgian entrepreneur Jos Raskin. Today, our offices are based in Belgium, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Ukraine.

Sentera Europa NV, the headquarters of the international Sentera group, is based in Belgium. This location also houses the central warehouse, the purchasing department and production planning.

The production plants for the electronics and plastics are located in Bulgaria.

Our sales departments are spread throughout Europe, to combine global presence with local support. In addition to a global structure and far-reaching standardisation, we, at Sentera, also attach great importance to speaking the customer's language. Thanks to our different locations, your Sentera contact is always nearby.

We owe our success to a customer oriented strategy: we listen to and work closely together with our customers. This close collaboration, coupled with robust research and development for more than two decades, results in a deep understanding of the day-to-day challenges confronting the industry.


1997Sentera Europa was founded. The Sentera story starts with the production and sales of electronic fan speed controllers.
2002The production of the electronics was moved to Sentera Thracia, located in Bulgaria. From here, we also take care of the sales and support for the Balkan area.
2004The product range was expanded with transformer fan speed controllers.
2007Sentera Baltica was founded to support and expand the business in the Baltic area.
2008Sentera Plastics started with the development and production of enclosures.
2011Sentera starts with the production of sensors for the HVAC sector.
2013Opening of a new production site for electronics with a surface of 2.500 m2 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
2016Construction of a new production plant for the enclosures in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
2017Sentera Sarmatia was founded to support and expand the business in Ukraine.
2018A new production site adjacent to the existing production premises for Sentera Plastics was opened.
2019A new ventilation system was installed in the production facility in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
2020Sentera products can be connected to the internet. Data logging, remote monitoring and even remote control becomes possible! Create your own installations, add users and grant them authorities. Receive an email alert in case your indoor air quality is compromised.
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A committed partner in HVAC


At Sentera, we believe that everyone benefits from practising and promoting ethical behaviour. Honesty and integrity foster a positive work environment that strengthens the reliance of all our stakeholders.

Our commitment is to demonstrating excellence in all spheres of our work and in our interactions with customers, suppliers, colleagues, partners and communities. In addition, we commit to exercising judgment, professionalism, rigour, self-discipline, perseverance and team spirit. We behave with integrity and moral correctness in everything we do and say, thereby earning and maintaining the trust and respect of customers, suppliers, colleagues, partners and communities. We promote a customer-oriented culture that emphasises outstanding service and meets our commitments at every level of our organisation.

As a global supplier of HVAC control solutions and fan speed control devices, Sentera has a policy of conducting business and operating within all regulatory guidelines. After reviewing our processes and consulting our carefully selected material suppliers, some of the products supplied by Sentera do contain one or more of the 3T1G - Tin (Sn), Tungsten (W), Tantalum (Ta), and Gold (Au), also known to be conflict minerals. Sentera does NOT directly purchase any of these minerals from the DR Congo or its neighbouring countries and does not know the source. Due to the complexity of the mineral supply chain, Sentera is unable to identify the origin for the minerals used in components and in our products. We are, however, asking our selected material suppliers to take reasonable due diligence in the supply chain to ensure that the minerals used are not sourced from conflict regions.

Environmental protection and the preservation of resources has been an integral part of the corporate policy at Sentera in its role as innovative and leading manufacturer of HVAC control solutions. In other words, we are committed to designing environment-friendly products and use environmentally compatible production processes. Sentera ensures that all legal directives concerning occupational safety and environmental protection are complied with during the production process. Our state-of-the-art products are designed in such a way that - when used as intended - users will not be subjected to any health hazards and the environment will not be polluted. Sentera has always been an environmentally responsible company and our products have been RoHS compliant since January 2005.

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