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Temperature | humidity sensor wall mounting | 24 V DC

Article code RSTHF-3
GTIN 0.540.100.301.770.8
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Category Room temperature and humidity sensors
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Product description

Temperature, relative humidity, and ambient light level are all measured by this room transmitter. The dew point is calculated using the measurements of temperature and relative humidity. The supply voltage is 24 V DC. The measured values are communicated via three analogue outputs and Modbus RTU. The output type is set to 0-10 V by default. Various output types are available.

The ambient light sensor can be used in many applications to control the ventilation system based on the occupancy of the room. Modbus RTU can be used to change all of the settings. The light intensity of the LEDs used for status indication can also be adjusted.

Additional specifications and description

Why do we measure temperature and relative humidity? 
Temperature and relative humidity have a direct impact on residents' sense of well-being and comfort. Dry air causes dry skin and itchy eyes. Too high relative humidity levels will cause condensation to form on colder-than-air windows, walls, and ceilings, potentially damaging building materials and causing odors in poorly ventilated spaces. 
How does it work?
The RSTHF-3 measures temperature, relative humidity, as well as ambient light. The temperature and humidity measurements are used to calculate the dew point. The sensor has three outputs. One of the measured values (temperature / humidity) is transmitted by each of them. For instance, output 1's default setting will transmit 0 V at 0 °C and 10 V at 50 °C. In proportion to the measured temperature and / or relative humidity, each output value changes. Output 1 by default provides the measured temperature, and output 2 provides the relative humidity. Output 3 can transmit temperature or relative humidity but is by default inactive. The 3 outputs have an overwrite function that can be activated via Modbus RTU. If active - for example at night - the ventilation will be controlled based on the data mentioned in the relevant Modbus registers and not based on measured temperature or humidity.
Local visualisation
The green, yellow, and red LEDs on this HVAC transmitter provide a distinct, visual indication of the temperature. The green LED shows that the temperature lies within range. The yellow LED turns on when the temperature reaches the alert range. Red indicates extreme temperatures. The LEDs can also be used to display relative humidity. The analogue outputs and Modbus RTU both provide access to the measured temperature and relative humidity. Through Modbus RTU, the dew point and ambient light level are accessible. 
Surface mounting How to install a room sensor
This sensor can be mounted on a wall or a surface indoors. The mounting holes are designed to accommodate standard European wall mounting boxes. Two screws are required to secure the sensor to the wall mounting box. The sensor enclosure will completely enclose the wall mounting box.  
4-wire connection
The cage clamp terminal blocks simplify wiring and installation. They eliminate the need for routine maintenance and ensure a reliable contact for solid or stranded wires. The supply voltage is 24 V DC. The ground terminals of the power supply (V-) and output (GND) are not connected internally. This means that connecting this sensor will necessitate the use of a 4-wire cable. Most 24 V DC power supplies include short-circuit, overload, and overvoltage protection. A supply voltage of 24 V DC improves the safety and reliability of your installation. 
Easy to use
There is little configuration necessary for this sensor. It can be used almost immediately once it has been installed. Temperature and relative humidity are often region- and seasonal-specific. These parameters are still adjusted to the correct values during installation. The other default settings will probably be suitable for most applications. However, they can also be adjusted via the respective Modbus registers if necessary. To make it compatible with other devices for example, there is a choice between different output types, such as 0-10 VDC, 0-20 mA, 0-100% PWM, or Modbus RTU. The LEDs used for status indication also have adjustable light levels. An exhaustive list of all programmable settings is provided by the Modbus register map. 
High quality
This HVAC transmitter is manufactured in Europe. Each sensor is calibrated and tested in our factory. We use sensor elements and components of high quality. This ensures the long-term stability and accuracy of this HVAC transmitter. The enclosure offers an IP30 protection against ingress of dust and moisture. To ensure optimal performance, the sensor should be protected from direct sunlight.

Remarks, reviews & ratings

Easy to install, good interior and most importantly improves air quality.
Čidlo skvěle doplňuje náš řídící systém ventilace. Nastavení a úpravy jsou jednoduché díky komunikaci Modbus RTU.
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