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Power supply 24 VDC | 40 W | IP65 | Surface mounting

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Product description

A 24 Volt supply module is an electronic device that converts an input voltage of 230 VAC to a 24 VDC output voltage. It is frequently used in a variety of applications, including industrial automation, medical equipment, and building automation.

This switching power supply can alter an 85-264 VAC input voltage into a 24 VDC output voltage. It can supply loads up to 40 Watts. Your electrical installation is more secure because of the overload and overvoltage protection. The load can be connected using either an RJ45 connector or a screw terminal block.

Due to its firm enclosure, which offers IP65 protection against the ingress of water and dirt, is the installation of this power supply in harsh environments possible.

In comparison to linear power supplies, switching power supplies are more efficient, lighter, and more compact (due to their transformer-free design). Because of their high efficiency, they produce less heat and contribute to greater energy savings.

Additional specifications and description

High efficiency
Switch mode power supplies (SMPS) or switching power supplies offer a very high efficiency compared to linear power supplies. This results in less heat generation and reduced energy losses. Linear power supplies use electrical transformers. These transformers are not only heavy and large, but also less efficient. A lot of energy is wasted in the form of heat dissipation. Switch mode power supplies are much lighter and more compact because they do not use transformers. Thanks to their advanced electrical circuit, they feature extra functions like overload protection and overvoltage protection.
Increased electrical safety
This switch mode power supply offers overload protection. This function prevents damage to the power supply due to an overcurrent of the load. In the case of a short circuit, where a low-resistance path is created, the SEPS8 is designed to respond by shutting down. This swift shutdown helps to mitigate the risk of damage caused by the high current flow during a short circuit. The power supply remains in a shutdown state until the short circuit is rectified or the fault condition is otherwise resolved. The overvoltage protection makes this power supply less sensitive to input voltage variations. It prevents that excessive voltage is applied to the load - even in case of instable input voltages.
Universally applicable
The wide range of input voltage (85 - 264 VAC) makes SEPS8 applicable for a wide range of applications, environments or regions. The broad input voltage range contributes to this universal applicability. It can handle both lower and higher voltage inputs commonly found in different regions or under varying electrical conditions.
Easy to connect SEPS8 with ODMFM-R
The load can be connected via the terminal blocks or via the RJ45 socket. Since this power supply has been developed to supply 24 V to Sentera products such as our sensors, it features both a terminal block and an RJ45 socket for output connections. This is because the different versions of our products feature different connection options. 
Since SEPS8 features IP65 ingress protection class, to retain this high rating in case of connecting through the RJ45 socket, you will first have to insert the cable through the cable gland and only then crimp it using an RJ45 connector. After tightening the cable gland, the IP rating is preserved. Alternatively, you can remove the cable gland and insert a factory crimped cable through the enclosure opening, however, we do not advise on this since this method is much less efficient and reliable. 
Surface mounting
This power supply can be installed onto a wall or on a vertical surface. The enclosure is made of high-quality r-ABS VO (UL94) plastic. This material is known for its flame-extinguishing properties, indicating that it resists the spread of flames in the presence of a fire. The "VO" designation likely refers to a high level of flame retardancy according to the UL94 standard. It possesses high durability and can withstand physical stresses. Additionally, it offers good protection against impacts, making it suitable for applications where the power supply may be subjected to mechanical forces.
The power supply has an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of IP65. The IP65 rating signifies that the enclosure provides a high level of protection against the ingress of dust and water. 

Crimp cable for Power over Modbus

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Finally a 24 Volt switching power supply in IP65 enclosure! It eliminates the need of an electrical cabinet in simple installations.
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