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RJ45 to terminal block adapter

Article code ADPT-1RJ-TB
GTIN 0.540.100.301.837.8
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Category Distribution boxes for Modbus RTU and power supply
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Product description

RJ45 to terminal block adapter for Modbus RTU networks.

This adapter is useful to add Sentera products with terminal block to a Modbus RTU network using RJ45 connector.

It simplifies wiring and guarantees reliable contacts.

Additional specifications and description

Power over Modbus
Power over Modbus (PoM) refers to a method of distributing power alongside data communication within a Modbus network infrastructure, i.e. Modbus RTU communication and 24 VDC power supply are distributed via the RJ45 connector. In this setup, the Modbus RTU communication signals and a 24 VDC power supply are transmitted through the same RJ45 connector or cable. This approach streamlines wiring and installation processes by reducing the need for separate power cables, making it more efficient and convenient, particularly in industrial automation and control applications where Modbus networks are commonly utilized.
This adapter can be used to add Sentera products with terminal block to a Modbus RTU network using RJ45 connectors. Many Sentera products can be connected via an RJ45 connector. This wiring method is efficient and simple.  With a screw terminal block on one side of the adapter, users can easily connect wires by securing them with screws, ensuring reliable connections. This configuration facilitates the integration of Sentera products or other devices equipped with terminal blocks into Modbus RTU networks utilizing RJ45 connectors. It provides a convenient solution for users who prefer or require terminal block connections for their equipment.
The clearly marked screw terminals on the adapter streamline the wiring process, making it easier for users to identify and connect the appropriate wires. Additionally, crimping a UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) cable with an RJ45 connector to plug into the 8-pin RJ45 socket is straightforward, further simplifying the installation process. The 8 pins provide access to the 8 wires in the cable which form 4 twisted pairs along cable length. The same connection diagram is used for all twisted-pair Ethernet cables. 
This ease of use enhances efficiency and reduces the time and effort required for setup, ensuring a smooth integration of Sentera products or other devices into Modbus RTU networks.
RJ45 crimp

Remarks, reviews & ratings

Very useful adapter. Have used it for testing. Compact and works properly.
This helps if we don't want to cut our RJ45 cable to connect the device with terminal block.
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