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Electric heating controller 15 kW

Article code EH3C4-15
GTIN 0.540.100.300.225.4
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Category Electric heating element controllers
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Product description

This controller for electric heating elements is designed specifically for regulating three-phase 400 VAC electric heating elements. It utilizes time-proportional control through TRIAC technology. This method provides a precise means of regulating the heating element's power by modulating the on-and-off cycles, ensuring efficient and accurate temperature control.

The integration of an external PT500 temperature probe enhances the system's capabilities by allowing the measurement of ambient temperature. The temperature setpoint is adjustable through the integrated potentiometer, providing a straightforward local control option.

The inclusion of an optional external potentiometer allows for remote adjustment. Additionally, there is one digital input for remote ON-OFF switching and one digital input to switch between a day and night temperature setpoint.

The maximum current capacity is of 22 A per phase for resistive loads.

Additional specifications and description

How EH3C4-15 operates
EH3C4-15 proportional electric heating controllers are designed to maintain the air temperature in three phase (400 V) heating systems by providing a continuously adjustable control of the load. These pulsers are connected in series between power supply and an electric heater. The controller utilises time-proportional control: the ratio between on-time and off-time is varied to fit the required heating power. Control accuracy is better than normal triac control and also contributes to reduced energy costs. Since the current is switched by a triac there are no moving parts that can wear out. The current is switched at zero phase angle to eliminate network disturbance. It has been developed to provide high quality, accurate control and low life cycle costs.

External potentiometer for temperature setpoint
An external potentiometer such as the MTP can be connected to adjust the desired temperature setpoint can be connected. 

Connect slave devices3-phase, 400 V electric heater controller
The device can be used as a master controller or an expansion (slave) unit. An analogue output (0-10 V or 0-20 mA) is available for slave functionality with multiple EH3C4-15 devices or an EVS(S).

PT500 temperature probe
This controller requires a PT500 temperature probe to measure the ambient temperature. Sentera offers PT500 temperature probes in different enclosures.   

How to connect
Connecting a three-phase heater to a controller involves several steps to ensure proper operation and safety. You first need to identify the heater specifications. Check the nameplate or product specifications of the three-phase heater to determine its voltage, power rating, and any specific wiring configurations required.
Determine whether the three-phase heater should be wired in a delta or wye/star configuration. This information is typically provided on the heater's nameplate or in the manufacturer's documentation. Ensure you have the appropriate tools, wiring, and connectors for the job. Before beginning any wiring, ensure that power to the heater and the controller is turned off. This is critical for safety. Connect the three-phase power supply to the controller. Match the phases (U, V, W) to the corresponding terminals on the controller (R, S, T). Connect the output terminals of the controller to the input terminals of the three-phase heater. Follow the specific wiring configuration (delta or wye) determined earlier. Adhere to grounding regulations outlined in regional electrical codes. Ensure that both the controller and the heater are properly grounded for safety reasons.
After completing the connections, conduct a thorough inspection to ensure all connections are secure and correct. Turn on the power and test the system while monitoring for any issues or abnormal behavior.

Controller settings
Your controller has programmable features, so you need to set the appropriate parameters such as temperature setpoints, control modes and any other relevant settings using the DIP switches on its right side. Verify that the three-phase heater responds appropriately to the controller signals. Check for consistent temperature control and ensure that safety features (if any) are functioning correctly.

Easy to install
This electric heating controller can be surface mounted. Choose a suitable location for mounting the controller on the wall. Ensure that it is easily accessible for operation and is within the recommended environmental conditions. Ensure that the wall surface is flat, clean, and suitable for mounting. If needed, use anchors or screws appropriate for the wall type.
The enclosure offers an IP20 protection against ingress of dust.


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These electric heating controllers are designed to regulate the air temperature providing a continuously adjustable control of the load. I recommend...
Buon regolatore
Išvaizda šiaip nepatikimai atrodo, bet jau metai kaip sumontuotas veikia ir nėra kuom skųstis.
Hangt in onze stal, werkt zoals het moet. We zijn tevreden.
Dobry mocny regulator, praca stabilna i bezproblemowa mimo częstych cykli właczania i wyłaczania.
Very compact but powerful. Stable motor control. I recommend.
Очень мощный регулятор, работает стабильно несмотря на частые отключения электричества.
Šaunus gaminys montuojant į automatikos skydą, parastas, nebrangus, patikimas.
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