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Heater controller in metal enclosure with heat sink and terminal blocks

Electric heating controller 15 kW

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Product description

This is a controller for electric heating elements. It controls three-phase 400 VAC electric heating elements. Time-proportional control - TRIAC technology - is used to control the heating element. A PT500 temperature probe can be connected to measure the ambient temperature. The temperature setpoint can be adjusted via the integrated potentiometer. An optional external potentiometer can be connected to adjust the setpoint remotely. There is one digital input for remote ON-OFF switching and one digital input to switch between a day and night temperature setpoint. The maximum current (resistive loads) is 22 A.

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Electric heating element controllers
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Additional specifications and description

Electric heater with day-night regime
This electric heating controller controls 3-phase 400 Volt heating elements up to 15 kW. The desired temperature setpoint can be adjusted via an optional potentiometer, e.g. MTP series. The ambient temperature is measured via an optional PT500 temperature probe. The maximum load per phase is 22 A.
Extra heating capacity 
Once an EH3C master module is installed, extra expansion modules can be added to expand the heating capacity. It is also possible to use the 0-10 Volt master signal to control fan speed controllers of the EVS series.
Easy to install
This electric heating controller can be wall mounted or mounted on a DIN rail. The enclosure offers an IP20 protection against ingress of dust.

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