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Potentiometer 10K | dry contact output | OFF position

Article code SDP-X10K-NA
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Product description

With this 10 KOhm potentiometer you can directly control EC fans. If you want to control the speed of an AC motor, connect this potentiometer to an Electronic Fan Speed Controller (EVS, MVS) or frequency converter (FI-E). This potentiometer has an adjustable resistance of 0-10 kΩ.

The device does not require a specific power supply, but the input signal must be between 0 and 24 VDC. Most EC fans, electronic speed controllers or frequency converters have an output with the required voltage. Depending on the position of the dial, the feedback voltage varies, regulating the Fan Speed. The dry contact output can be used to remotely give a start-stop command to the fan or other equipment.

The splash-proof housing allows recessed installation (IP44) or surface mounting (IP54).

Additional specifications and description

How does it work?
The output value of 0 – 10 KΩ of this potentiometer is adjusted via the rotary knob. This control signal can directly regulate EC fans or damper actuators. It can also remotely control AC fan speed controllers (such as Sentera’s EVS or MVS series) or variable frequency drives (FI-E series). This potentiometer can be installed away from the device it controls - be it a fan speed controller or an EC fan, while the connected device can be located in a technical room or an electrical cabinet. 

control fan speed controller and fan

Improved new series 
SDP-X10K-NA is the successor of Sentera’s MTP-X10K-NA and has the same purpose, but, like every newly developed series, is better. In first place, the SDP-X10K-NA can handle voltages up to 24 VDC, while this parameter used to be 12 VDC for the old MTP-X10K-NA. Secondly, the method of connecting is simplified, the wiring is done using a screwless terminal block and last but not least the enclosure design has been improved in order to suit modern interiors. 

Input voltage
This potentiometer has an output value of 0 - 10 kΩ. It does not require supply voltage. It can be used in combination with devices that require a 0 - 10 kΩ control signal. The device to which the potentiometer is connected provides a DC voltage (maximum 24 VDC). The resistance value of the potentiometer will influence this DC voltage and thus generate the control signal. For instance, when a voltage of 10 VDC is connected to this potentiometer, it generates a control signal in the range of 0 - 10 Volts.

Dry contact output
The dry contact output serves the purpose of controlling an external device, such as a damper, or facilitating the activation and deactivation of a motor. Rotation of the potentiometer knob fully counterclockwise results in an open dry contact, while turning it clockwise closes the contact, thereby regulating the associated equipment. 

OFF position
The rotary knob has an OFF position: when the rotary knob is turned completely counterclockwise, it clicks in OFF position. In the OFF position, the dry contact output is open and the output value is 0 KΩ.controller for EC fan SDP 
Unrivalled simplicity of installation
The SDP-X10K-NA offers an exceptional simplicity of installation, featuring a modular screwless terminal block. This not only reduces installation times but also enhances user experience by eliminating the need for twisting and turning the screws. The screwless clamping technology ensures a secure connection without the need for constant checks or retightening of loosened wires due to disturbances, temperature cycling or strand breaks.

One enclosure with two mounting options
The SDP-X10K-NA potentiometer is fit for both surface and flush mounting, which means that you can install it on or in any kind of wall – a solid wall, drywall or even a wood panel. The mounting holes fit perfectly the standard European wall boxes used for flush mounting. The protection class is IP44 for flush and IP54 for surface mounting. Furthermore, it looks really nice and is a good match for any interior style. Cleaning it is very easy using only a damp cloth. 
So, there is no need to opt for two different product versions as the SDP-X10K-NA combines both of them! All you need is a couple of tools and a little bit of general knowledge and handiness. 


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Nuspaudžiami gnybtai puikus sprendimas, montuotojo laiką labai taupantis. Na jo bet su dizainu būtų galima ir labiau pasistengti, nors iš kitos pusės nelabai ką čia ir beprikursi, nebent su stikliniu paviršiumi daryti.
Senojo MTP modulio analogas, pasikeitęs dizainas kuris didelio įspūdžio nepadaro, bet man labai patiko, kad potenciometras su nuspaudžiamais gnybtais, labai patogu.
Hebben jaren de MTP-X-10K gekocht, maar deze SDP ziet er frisser uit. Geslaagde facelift :-)
Dobry następca sprawdzonego od lat potencjometru EC wentylatorów serii MTP-X10K-NA
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