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Potentiometer | OFF position | Modbus RTU | 24 VDC supply

Article code SDP-M010-AT
GTIN 0.540.100.301.844.6
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Category Potentiometers - low supply voltage
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Product description

Introducing the SDP-M010-AT, your ultimate solution for precise control in ventilation systems. This advanced potentiometer comes equipped with Modbus RTU integration, allowing seamless networking and optional connection to the SenteraWeb cloud. It can also be seamlessly integrated into a Modbus RTU compatible Building Management System (BMS).

Designed for versatility, the SDP-M010-AT provides control over EC fans, damper actuators, AC fan speed controllers, or frequency inverters. Take command with its continuous variable output signal, manually adjusted through its rotary knob. The OFF-position feature ensures simplicity; a quick twist counter-clockwise disables the control signal.

From minimum and maximum, via inverse control to output overwrite; these and other parameters can all be set in the Modbus registers, making them accessible via the network or even over the cloud.

Built to withstand various environmental conditions, the SDP-M010-AT features a splash-proof enclosure, enabling both inset mounting (IP44) and surface mounting (IP54). This adaptability ensures reliable performance across diverse settings, providing assurance for all your ventilation control requirements.

Efficient, precise, and adaptable, the SDP-M010-AT stands out as the preferred choice for controlling ventilation systems. Experience the power at your fingertips, as this device seamlessly blends functionality with durability, ensuring optimal performance in every setting.

Additional specifications and description

Typical applications
The analogue output of the potentiometer is typically used as a control signal. In general, a potentiometer is used to remotely adjust EC fan speed or to send the requested motor speed to a frequency inverter or AC fan speed controller. For instance, the potentiometer can be installed in the sitting room while the fan speed controller is located in a technical room or electrical cabinet.  potentiometer in a sitting room
Modbus RTU
This potentiometer features Modbus RTU communication, which is a standard communication protocol for communication between electronic devices. It is easy to deploy and maintain and therefore is often used to connect a plant/system supervisory computer with a remote terminal unit (RTU). 
Sentera has developed its free downloadable 3SM Software whose intuitive interface facilitates the process of configuration, monitoring or updating of products featuring Modbus RTU.

Output type
The SDP series offers different output types: 0-10 Volts,  0-20 mA and 0-100 % PWM. The output type can be adjusted via Modbus Holding register 11.
Also, the minimum and maximum output values can be adjusted via the relevant Modbus holding registers.  
Output overwrite
When the output overwrite function is enabled, the output value can be set via Modbus RTU communication. This makes it possible to overrule the rotary knob and to remotely control the analogue output value of the potentiometer via Modbus RTU communication.  
Output regulation type
By default, the analogue output goes from low to high (i.e. 0 to 10 Volt). It is possible to reverse the operation. In this case, the output value goes from high to low (i.e. 10 to 0 Volt). The output regulation type can be selected via Modbus Holding register 17.  
OFF position
This potentiometer has an OFF position. In OFF position (fully counterclockwise position), the analogue output value is 0 %. This configuration ensures a complete shutdown of the output signal, providing a straightforward and effective means of deactivating the potentiometer's functionality.

Unrivalled simplicity of installation
The SDP series offers an exceptional simplicity of installation, featuring a modular screwless terminal block with a 5 mm pitch. This not only reduces installation times but also enhances user experience by eliminating the need for twisting and turning screws. The screwless clamping technology ensures a secure connection without the need for constant checks or retightening of loosened wires due to disturbances, temperature cycling or strand breaks.

Two-in-one enclosure
The SDP series of potentiometers is fit for both surface and flush mounting, meaning you can install it on or in any kind of wall – a solid wall, drywall or even a wood panel. The mounting holes fit perfectly the standard European wall boxes used for flush mounting. The protection class is IP44 for flush and IP54 for surface mounting. Furthermore, it looks really nice and is a good match for any interior style. Cleaning it is very easy using only a damp cloth. 
So, there is no need to opt for two different versions as the SDP series combines both of them! All you need is a couple of tools and a little bit of general knowledge and handiness. 

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