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How to configure a Sentera product?

For the purpose, Sentera developed its free software suite 3SMCenter, which you can download from our website. Its intuitive interface facilitates the process of configuration, monitoring or updating of our products featuring Modbus RTU.


The 3SMcenter suite includes 3 software platforms:

  • 3SMUSBto change firmware of some specific controller series featuring numerous hidden functionalities. Thus, the controller will obtain a functionality that is different from the factory-installed one according to your application requirements.
  • 3SMModbusto configure or monitor Sentera devices via Modbus RTU. Most Sentera products have no trimmers, dip switches or jumpers to adjust settings. Trimmers are not accurate enough and they make remote control impossible. All parameters of Sentera devices can be adjusted via Modbus RTU. The different settings are very precise and can be copied to similar devices easily, in this way a number of devices will feature identical settings and work in unison. Highly accurate digital technology has replaced the good old analogue technology. This digital technology also creates new possibilities like internet connectivity, remote monitoring, remote control, etc. So, in case you want to adjust the temperature range, to limit maximum fan speed or to change a pressure setpoint, we advise you to use the 3SModbus software in combination with the CNVT-USB-RS485 converter. Click here for more information.
  • 3SMBootto update firmware of Sentera devices with bootloader functionality. Via the 3SMBoot software, firmware of Sentera devices with integrated bootloader functionality can be updated. Most Sentera products feature integrated bootloader functionality – consult the product datasheet for more information. A firmware update makes it possible to modify the functionality or to make the product compatible with more recent Sentera firmware version.
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CO2-övervakningssystem för att minska risken för COVID-19-kontaminering Frisk inomhusluft minskar risken för COVID-19-föroreningar. Sentera HVAC-givare kontrollerar om det finns tillräckligt med friskluftstillförsel. Mätningarna kan visualiseras via en 5-tums pekskärm. Dataloggning och molnanslutning är också möjliga. >>>
Date 01-02-2021
CO2-givare med visuell och hörbar larm
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