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Solution description

Straightforward pressure-based exhaust air handling unit control.
This solution involves a fan with AC 400 V motor and maximum current 9,5 A. On/off air damper actuator control.

Additional specifications and description

This solution is designed to monitor and control air handling unit that is shown on schematic below:
Exhaust AHU schematics with numeration of specific parts

Air handling unit consists of two parts, which are e
xhaust air damper (1) and exhaust fan (2).

Control logic description

The operation of the air handling unit is designed to be automatic and relies on sensor readings to ensure precise and efficient performance. By utilizing predefined logics for different components of the AHU, the control system optimizes the overall operation.

Important aspect of the control logic is the timing of the exhaust air damper. It is programmed to open 30 seconds prior to the start of the exhaust fan. This timing is crucial, especially for AHUs with high airflow, as it helps prevent potential damage to the air damper by providing proper air pressure equalization.

The control system offers flexibility in controlling the speed of the exhaust fan. This solution has the option to control the fan speed either manually or automatically using a frequency inverter FI-E-44095E2. This feature allows for precise adjustment of the fan speed to match the specific requirements of the HVAC system.

To maintain optimal fan operation, the control system incorporates a differential pressure transmitter HPS-M-1K0-2. This transmitter continuously monitors the pressure difference across the system and regulates the fan accordingly. In the event of a mechanical failure, such as fan jamming or bearing breakdown, the control system detects the absence of pressure drop and initiates a series of steps to address the issue. It switches off the frequency inverter, closes the air damper, and promptly informs the user about the error. This proactive approach ensures that any mechanical failures are promptly addressed, minimizing downtime and potential damage to the AHU.
In automatic mode, the HPS-M-1K0-2 can be utilized to maintain a specific pressure difference as required. By continuously monitoring and adjusting the fan speed based on the pressure differential, the control system ensures consistent and reliable performance of the AHU, even in varying operating conditions.

System configuration

The system configuration includes a network gateway DIG-M-2, which serves as a connection point for users to access the online HVAC platform SenteraWeb. This gateway provides users with convenient remote access to the platform, allowing them to monitor data and adjust settings of the connected HVAC devices from anywhere, using either an Ethernet cable or a Wi-Fi network. Moreover, SenteraWeb offers data logging functionality, allowing users to record and analyze various operational parameters of the AHU. This data logging capability provides valuable insights into the performance of the system, enabling users to identify trends, diagnose potential issues, and optimize the overall operation of the AHU.

Components of this solution

Article code


1 U.

The DRPUM is a universal HVAC controller engineered for efficiency and flexibility, which seamlessly integrates into your HVAC setup. It features RJ45 and RJ12 sockets for connecting Modbus RTU slave devices. A single network cable distributes both supply voltage and Modbus RTU communication across your entire network of devices. There are two Modbus channels - one dedicated to linking with a Building Management System or SenteraWeb Cloud services, and another to connect up to 247 slave devices. The DRPUM is delivered without pre-installed firmware, but you can download the appropriate firmware according to your application. The device is compact and efficient, its enclosure is DIN rail mounted providing easy mounting and neat organization of your HVAC control system.


1 U.

A 24-volt switched-mode power supply (SMPS) is a type of electronic power supply that converts electrical energy from one voltage level to another. This supply module with the convenience of DIN rail mounting is a versatile solution for various applications across different industries. Whether you're managing automation systems (e.g. heating or ventilation systems), control panels, or electronic devices, this power supply is the key to your reliable and secure operation. This module accepts an input voltage of 85–264 VAC / 50–60 Hz. The maximum load on this switched mode power supply is 40 Watts. The loads can be connected via the terminal block or via the RJ45 connector. Because it is designed to be mounted on a DIN rail, integrating the power supply into your electrical cabinet will be simpler. The device is shielded from dust and dirt by the IP20 protection provided by the enclosure. In addition, the safety of your electrical installation is increased by the overload and overvoltage protection. Comparing to linear power supplies, switching power supplies are more efficient, lighter, and more compact (due to their transformer-free design). Because of their high efficiency, they produce less heat and contribute to greater energy savings.


1 U.

This is a distribution box for Modbus RTU communication and supply voltage. It can be used to interconnect Sentera devices. It has 10 channels for 24 VDC powered devices and 12 channels for 3,3 VDC powered devices. Modbus RTU communication and 24 VDC supply voltage are transmitted via the RJ45 sockets. Modbus RTU communication and 3,3 VDC supply voltage are transmitted via the RJ12 sockets. External power supply is required for both 24 VDC and 3,3 VDC supply.


1 U.

The DIG-M-2 Gateway is designed to connect Sentera devices to the SenteraWeb online HVAC platform. It provides a means of communication between the devices and the platform, allowing remote monitoring, data logging and adjustment of settings via the internet. The gateway can be connected to the Sentera devices using either an Ethernet cable or a Wi-Fi network. It is equipped with an RJ45 connector, which serves as a connection point for both Modbus RTU communication and the 24 VDC supply voltage. This enables the devices to communicate with the gateway and receive power from it. Once connected to the SenteraWeb platform, the gateway enables remote access and control of the connected HVAC devices. Users can monitor data, such as temperature, humidity and other relevant parameters, and make adjustments to the settings as needed. The platform also supports data logging, allowing for historical data analysis and system optimization. The gateway is designed to be mounted on a DIN rail. This allows for easy installation and integration into existing setups.

HPS-M-1K0 -2

1 U.

This HVAC sensor measures differential pressure within the range from 0 to 1.000 Pa and operates with a supply voltage of 24 VDC, Power over Modbus or PoM – both Modbus RTU communication and power supply are connected via the RJ45 socket using a single cable. This sensor can also measure air volume flow or air velocity. The measured value is available via Modbus RTU communication. The four LED indicators provide a visual indication of the sensor status and the measured values. The differential pressure range and all other settings are adjusted via Modbus RTU.


1 U.

Variable speed drive to control 3ph 400 Volt motors. This VSD is particularly simple to use. For most applications it is not necessary to change the default settings. That is why this variable speed drive is ideal for controlling fans and pumps in HVAC applications. The required supply voltage is three-phase 400 Volt. Various types of three-phase 400 Volt motors can be controlled: IE3 or IE4 induction motors, permanent magnet motors, brushless DC or synchronous reluctance motors. One or multiple motors with a (combined) maximum current of 9.5 A can be controlled by this drive. Motor speed can be set via the intuitive keypad or via the inputs. Configuration is simplified via 14 basic parameters and application macro functions. The enclosure can be DIN rail mounted in an electrical cabinet. It offers an IP20 protection against ingress of dust. The integrated EMC filter is Class C1. Manufacturers code: ODE-3-240095-3F42


1 U.

Adapter to connect Invertek frequency inverter (FI-E and FISE series) to a Sentera Modbus RTU network. The Invertek RS485 communication is converted into Modbus RTU communication. This makes it possible for the Sentera HVAC controllers to control the Invertek frequency inverters via Modbus RTU. One integrated control solution for your HVAC or ventilation system.


1 U.

Set of nozzles and PVC tubes to connect a differential pressure sensor or controller to the ductwork. It contains 2 plastic nozzles (L 66.6 mm, D 6 mm) and 2 flexible, transparent PVC tubes with a length of 2 m and a maximum working pressure of 10.000 Pa. The screws to fix the nozzles in standard ductworks are also included. This set is designed for HVAC applications and can be used in combination with differential pressure transmitters, controllers or switches.

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