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Sentera internet gateway | Ethernet or Wi-Fi

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Product description

The DIG-M-2 Gateway is designed to connect Sentera devices to the SenteraWeb online HVAC platform. It provides a means of communication between the devices and the platform, allowing remote monitoring, data logging and adjustment of settings via the internet.

The gateway can be connected to the Sentera devices using either an Ethernet cable or a Wi-Fi network. It is equipped with an RJ45 connector, which serves as a connection point for both Modbus RTU communication and the 24 VDC supply voltage. This enables the devices to communicate with the gateway and receive power from it.

Once connected to the SenteraWeb platform, the gateway enables remote access and control of the connected HVAC devices. Users can monitor data, such as temperature, humidity and other relevant parameters, and make adjustments to the settings as needed. The platform also supports data logging, allowing for historical data analysis and system optimization.

The gateway is designed to be mounted on a DIN rail. This allows for easy installation and integration into existing setups.

Additional specifications and description

The Internet of Things and the HVAC industry 
The IoT Internet of Things (IoT) encompasses a vast network of connected devices, ranging from sensors to large and sophisticated and appliances. The IoT devices are connected to the internet or other networks, allowing them to send and receive data. These devices collect various types of data, such as temperature, humidity, or user behaviour. IoT technology has become increasingly affordable and accessible, leading to its widespread adoption in various industries and applications. The IoT is indeed transforming how we interact with and understand the physical world. It has countless applications offering opportunities for increased efficiency, convenience, and innovation.
The Internet of Things (IoT) has significant applications in HVAC industry. The technology is used to make HVAC systems more efficient, user-friendly and responsive to changing conditions via remote monitoring and control, thus achieving energy efficiency, preventing costly downtime and repairs by identifying and addressing problems early.
Sentera DIN rail  mounted Internet Gateway with IoT

The Gateway of Sentera 
Sentera’s Internet gateway is a device intended for use in building automation and smart building systems to connect Sentera’s products to the Cloud – SenteraWeb
Simply put, the DIG-M-2 is a physical device that connects Sentera’s devices to the Cloud. It can serve for both Ethernet and wireless access to give IoT devices access to the Internet.
It enable users to remotely control and monitor their HVAC systems through a smartphone, computer or other smart devices and typically provides the following functionalities:
1.    Remote control: Users can adjust temperature settings, set schedules, and control HVAC modes remotely, enhancing energy efficiency and comfort.
2.    Monitoring: Users can monitor the performance of their HVAC systems, receive alerts for issues or maintenance needs, and track energy usage.
3.    Data logging: It stores data, which can be useful for analyzing HVAC performance and trends.
The gateway of Sentera enhances the functionality and accessibility of HVAC systems, making them more convenient to manage and potentially more energy-efficient.

Via SenteraWeb, the online HVAC portal, it is possible to: 
- Adjust parameter settings and configure connected devices 
- Remotely monitor connected devices via a standard internet browser  
- Log measured data, power consumption, etc. 
- Receive warnings or alerts when threshold values are exceeded
- Receive firmware updates to match standard hardware with your application
- Day-week scheduler to match the ventilation system with your calendar
A SenteraWeb installation can contain Sentera as well as non-Sentera HVAC products. Via the internet gateway, the device(s) can be connected to SenteraWeb. Multiple users and configurators can monitor or adjust the installation.
This unit is DIN rail mounted inside an electric cabinet. DIN rail electronics have been around for a long time and are becoming increasingly popular in industrial applications across a wide range of industries. Installation is very simple – just mount the device onto the rail and lock it using the pin at the bottom of the device. The ingress protection rating of the enclosure is IP20 – protected from dirt and dust. The enclosure is made of ABS plastic which is a common thermoplastic polymer made up of three different monomers: acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene. It is known for its strength, durability, and versatility. ABS has good heat resistance, maintaining its mechanical properties at relatively high temperatures.

Remarks, reviews & ratings

A must-have product for all Sentera installations.
Geras gaminys automatikos spintoms, dar vienas gaminys montuojamas ant DIN bėgelio į puikių Sentera gaminių sąrašą
Es un artículo muy útil, que permite conectar productos con comunicación Modbus RTU a la plataforma de HAVC en línea SenterWeb.
An article that is recommended to have when using Sentera devices. With this article can control and monitor all products via a wired or wireless network.
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