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Differential pressure connection set PVC - L 2 m

Article code PSET-PVC-200
GTIN 0.540.100.301.079.2
Intrastat number
Category Accessories for differential pressure transmitters and controllers
Current stock 184 U.
Factory lead time 1 Week(s)

Product description

Set of nozzles and PVC tubes to connect a differential pressure sensor or controller to the ductwork. It contains 2 plastic nozzles (L 66.6 mm, D 6 mm) and 2 flexible, transparent PVC tubes with a length of 2 m and a maximum working pressure of 10.000 Pa. The screws to fix the nozzles in standard ductworks are also included. This set is designed for HVAC applications and can be used in combination with differential pressure transmitters, controllers or switches.

Additional specifications and description

Differential pressure or air volume flow
This set connects a differential pressure sensor to the ductwork. It can be used to measure or control differential pressure [Pa]. If the K-factor of the fan is known, it can also be used to measure or control air volume flow [m³/hr].
E.g. in combination with a HPSP pressure controller, the fan speed is controlled to maintain the air volume flow constant - regardless of the demand.
High-quality plastic
The nozzles are made of grey, high-quality r-ABS plastic. This material is heat resistant and very tough. They have a length of 83 mm and a diameter of 6,4 mm (connecting end). The tubes are made of transparent PVC. They have a diameter of 7 mm and a length of 2 m. The maximum working pressure is 10.000 Pa and the maximum operating temperature is 60 °C.

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Viskas viename, nieko nereikia atskirai pirkti, o kai jie dar patys gamina tai ir kaina ne kosminė.
Es un producto muy práctico, producido de materiales de alta calidad, que tiene una larga vida útil.
Bardzo przydatny zestaw, ułatwia montaż, dobre wykonanie, mógłby być dłuższy
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