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Universal HVAC controller

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Product description

Introducing the DRPU, the Universal HVAC Controller that redefines the way you manage your ventilation system. Engineered for efficiency and flexibility, the DRPU seamlessly integrates into your HVAC setup, serving as the central hub that empowers you to take control like never before.

Equipped with RJ45 and RJ12 sockets, the DRPU opens up a world of possibilities by allowing you to connect various Modbus RTU slave devices effortlessly. Picture this: a single network cable, distributing both supply voltage and Modbus RTU communication across your entire network of devices. It's a game-changer, streamlining your HVAC infrastructure and simplifying the way components communicate.

But that's not all – the DRPU goes beyond conventional controllers. With two Modbus channels, one dedicated to linking with a Building Management System (BMS) or SenteraWeb cloud services, and another ready to connect with up to 247 slave devices, the DRPU positions itself as the epicenter of your HVAC universe. Take charge of your climate control with confidence, knowing that the DRPU is designed to adapt and evolve with your needs.

Delivered without pre-installed firmware, the DRPU invites you to explore application specific firmwares on the Sentera Website. This not only provides unparalleled flexibility but also future-proofs your investment in HVAC control technology.

Compact and efficient, the DRPU fits seamlessly into your DIN-rail setup, emphasizing a sleek and organized control panel. Elevate your HVAC experience with the DRPU – where innovation meets reliability. Unleash the power of unified HVAC control, simplify your infrastructure, and stay ahead of the curve with a controller that adapts to your unique needs. The future of HVAC control is here – embrace the DRPU advantage.

Additional specifications and description

Universal HVAC controller
The DRPUM is a versatile programmable controller designed for specific applications, requiring dedicated firmware. It incorporates two RJ45 sockets, one for Power over Modbus supply and another for connecting slave devices. Additionally, it is equipped with two RJ12 sockets exclusively for slave devices. The built-in Modbus RTU communication enables seamless control of various Sentera HVAC sensors and/or fan speed controllers through this device. Through the use of splitters, it is possible to connect up to 247 slave devices, providing a comprehensive and flexible solution for HVAC electronics applications.
This controller requires application dedicated firmware. Via an internet gateway, the controller can be connected to SenteraWeb - the online HVAC portal. Via SenteraWeb, you can select the desired application and download the application specific firmware into the connected devices.

Modbus RTU Master device 
A Modbus RTU Master device serves as a centralized controller in a Modbus network, managing communication with connected slave devices. The DRPUM being a master plays a pivotal role in managing the operation and data exchange between sensors and fan speed controllers. With its dedicated functionality the DRPUM enhances the efficiency and coordination of various components, contributing to the overall effectiveness of the HVAC electronics setup. Typically, the slave devices are Sentera’s HVAC sensors. They measure the environmental parameters and based on the measured values the HVAC system is controlled using Sentera’s 3SModbus software for setting and monitoring the parameters. 
This can also be done online via SenteraWeb using a Sentera Internet Gateway. That is how you can adjust and monitor your HVAC system from any part of the world.

Power over Modbus
The incorporation of Power over Modbus is a significant advancement in simplifying the connectivity and power distribution for HVAC electronics. Through the RJ45 and RJ12 sockets, both Modbus RTU communication and supply voltage are efficiently distributed to the connected devices.
Utilizing the RJ45 sockets, a 24 VDC supply voltage is seamlessly distributed, providing ample power for connected devices in the network. The use of RJ45 connectors is commonly associated with Ethernet connections. HVAC professionals are accustomed to working with RJ45 connectors, further simplifying the installation process. The use of 24 VDC in HVAC systems has become an industry standard. Many HVAC components, such as HVAC sensors and other devices are designed to operate optimally with this voltage, ensuring compatibility and reducing the risk of operational issues.
Similarly, the RJ12 sockets facilitate the distribution of 3,3 VDC supply voltage. This innovative approach enables the consolidation of communication and power distribution through a single cable, streamlining the installation process and reducing overall complexity. Sentera’s compact duct temperature sensors are supplied with 3,3 VDC. 

application example DRPUM

DIN rail mounted enclosure
DIN rails are widely used for secure and efficient mounting of industrial control equipment in various applications, including HVAC systems. They provide a standardized and space-efficient solution for organizing and installing devices within control panels or enclosures. 
Never failing offer our customers the latest industry trends Sentera develops DIN rail mounted enclosures for our products thus simplifying installation and arranging HVAC control devices neatly in an electrical cabinet. DRPUM’s DIN rail mounted enclosure offers IP20 ingress protection rating and can be easily mounted and secured by simply clicking its locking pin in place. 

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Efficient and flexible. A very good solution for HVAC systems
Snadná instalace pomocí jednoho kabelu a možný výběr konkrétního firmware na míru. Jsem spokojený, mohu doporučit.
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