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Sentera PoM to Invertek FI adapter

Article code ADPT-3SM-FI
GTIN 0.540.100.300.000.7
Intrastat number
Category Accessories for frequency inverters
Current stock 4 U.
Factory lead time 5 Week(s)

Product description

Adapter to connect Invertek frequency inverter (FI-E and FISE series) to a Sentera Modbus RTU network. The Invertek RS485 communication is converted into Modbus RTU communication. This makes it possible for the Sentera HVAC controllers to control the Invertek frequency inverters via Modbus RTU. One integrated control solution for your HVAC or ventilation system.

Additional specifications and description

How to connect a frequency inverter to SenteraWeb?
SenteraWeb is an online HVAC platform. It offers the possibility of remote control, remote monitoring and data logging of your HVAC installation.
Also our frequency inverters can be connected to SenteraWeb. This converter facilitates this connection. It connects the Modbus RTU communication of the frequency inverter and the other Sentera devices.
Plastic enclosure
The plastic enclosure has an IP30 protection degree against the ingress of dust and moisture.

Remarks, reviews & ratings

Glad I bought it to connect to a network of Sentera products
Un producto muy bueno, que me resulta muy útil cuando tengo, que comprobar los parámetros de mi variador de frecuencia.
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