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White plastic enclosure, display, keybutton interface
White plastic enclosure, display, keybutton interface
White plastic enclosure, display, keybutton interface
White plastic enclosure, display, keybutton interface
White plastic enclosure
White plastic enclosure

Residential HVAC controller | white enclosure

Product description

Digital potentiometer and HVAC controller. The enclosure has a white colour and contemporary style. The analogue output can control EC fans, AC fan speed controllers, frequency inverters or damper actuators. In manual mode, the requested output value can be selected via the 3-button interface. The output type is selectable. This analogue output can be continuous variable or it can be divided in 2-10 equal steps. The minimum and maximum values are adjustable. When a Sentera HVAC sensor is connected, automatic mode can be activated. Now, the analogue output is controlled by ambient temperature, relative humidity, CO2 concentration, air quality (TVOC concentration), CO concentration or differential pressure. The setpoint and all parameters can be adjusted via the 3-button interface or via Modbus RTU communication. The supply voltage is in the range of 110 - 230 VAC. The enclosure allows surface mounting or inset mounting.

Article code RDCV9-AD-WH
GTIN 0.540.100.301.119.5
Category HVAC controller for EC fans
Current stock 62 U.
Factory lead time 4 Week(s)

Additional specifications and description

Manual fan speed control
In manual mode, RDCV is a digital potentiometer with an analogue output. The default output type is 0-10 V. A different output type can be selected via Modbus RTU communication: 0-10 VDC / 0-20 mA 0-100% PWM. This analogue output signal can be adjusted continuously variable or in 2-10  steps. The output can be manually adjusted via the up and down arrows. By pressing the button with the green check mark during 4 seconds, the potentiometer can be activated or deactivated. The selected output value is visualised via the 7-segment LED display (% or step number). Manual or automatic mode can be selected via the 3-button keyboard interface.
Automatic mode
In automatic mode, RDCV is an HVAC controller. In this operating mode, RDCV needs to be connected to a Sentera HVAC sensor. In automatic mode, the output value is controlled automatically in function of the measured value. The requested value (set point) can be adjusted via the 3-button keyboard interface. Different types of Sentera HVAC sensors can be connected to RDCV. The analogue output can be controlled in function of temperature, humidity, CO2, air quality or differential pressure. Consult the product mounting instructions for more details.
Demand based or manual control?
The output signal can directly control an EC fan or an AC fan speed controller. It can also control a damper actuator. So this device can be used for both manual or demand based fan speed control.
Inset or surface mounting
The enclosure allows surface mounting or inset mounting.  When built-in a wall, it offers an IP44 protection against the ingress of dirt and dust. For surface mounting, the protection degree is IP54.

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