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Grey water proof enclosure with duct probe
Grey water proof enclosure with duct probe
Grey water proof enclosure with duct probe
Grey water proof enclosure with duct probe
Grey water proof enclosure with duct probe
Grey water proof enclosure with duct probe
Circuitboard with components, terminals

Duct temperature | humidity sensor | 24 V AC - V DC

Product description

This transmitter for HVAC applications measures both temperature and relative humidity in air ducts. The dew point is calculated using the measured values.

The power supply voltage is either 24 V AC or 24 V DC. The measured values are communicated via three analogue outputs and Modbus RTU. Modbus RTU can be used to change all of the settings like for instance the output format.

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Duct temperature and humidity sensors
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Additional specifications and description

Why do we take temperature and humidity readings in air ducts?
Temperature and humidity measurement in air ducts is critical for occupant comfort, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, equipment protection, and regulatory compliance. It enables HVAC systems to effectively adjust and control the environment, ensuring that it meets the desired standards and requirements.
Designed for air ductsTemperature transmitter air duct
This HVAC transmitter measures temperature and relative humidity in air ducts. These measurements are used to calculate the dew point. When installed in a straight section of the air duct, this sensor performs best. Installing near filters, fans, cooling coils, and other sources of turbulent air should be avoided. Place the sensor correctly in relation to the direction of the airflow. Please see the mounting instructions for more information.
How does it function?
There are three analogue outputs on this sensor. Each one transmits one of the measured values. For example, output 1 will transmit 0 V at 0 °C and 10 V at 50 °C by default. Each output value changes in proportion to the measured temperature or relative humidity. The measured temperature is by default available via output 1, and the relative humidity via output 2. Output 3 is disabled, but it can transmit temperature or relative humidity.
3-wire connection
The cage clamp terminal blocks reduce wiring and installation time. They eliminate the need for routine maintenance and guarantee a reliable contact for solid or stranded wires. This sensor can be supplied with 24 V DC or with 24 V AC and is intended for 3-wire connection. The ground of the output (GND) is internally connected to the ground of the supply voltage (V-). Make sure not to connect this common ground to other devices that are powered by a DC voltage.

Easy to use
This sensor requires very little configuration. It is almost directly usable once it has been installed. Temperature and relative humidity are often region- and seasonal-dependent. These parameters are still adjusted to the correct values during installation. The other default settings will probably be suitable for most applications. However, they can also be adjusted via the respective Modbus registers if necessary. A different output type, for example, can be selected to make it compatible with other devices: 0-10 VDC; 0-20 mA; 0-100% PWM; Modbus RTU. The Modbus register map provides an exhaustive list of all programmable settings.
High quality
This HVAC transmitter was made in Europe. In our factory, each sensor is calibrated and tested. We use high-quality sensor elements and components. This ensures the HVAC transmitter's long-term stability and accuracy. The enclosure is dust and moisture resistant to IP54 standards. The sensor element is built into the probe of the duct sensor. This probe has an opening through which the air flow can make direct contact with the sensor element. The sensor probe itself has an IP20 rating. 
∞ Monitoring indoor air quality

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Dobry czujnik temperatury do montażu na kanałach wentylacyjnych, wysoka dokładność i niezawodność
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