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Grey waterproof enclosure with duct probe and black mounting flange
Grey waterproof enclosure with duct probe and black mounting flange
Grey plastic enclosure with four metal screws
Grey plastic enclosure with duct probe and black mounting flange
Grey plastic enclosure with duct probe and black mounting flange
Grey waterproof enclosure with duct probe and black mounting flange
PCB with components in grey enclosure

Duct temperature | humidity controller | 24 V AC - V DC

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Product description

This HVAC sensor controller measures temperature and relative humidity in air ducts and directly controls an EC fan, an AC fan speed controller or a damper actuator via the single analogue output and Modbus RTU.

The dew point is calculated using the measured values. The power supply is 24 V DC or 24 V AC. The output type can be selected. Via Modbus RTU all measurements and the output value are available and all settings can be adjusted.

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Duct temperature and humidity controllers
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Additional specifications and description

HVAC systems in commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and residential settings rely on these transmitters. They enable precise temperature and humidity control, assisting in the maintenance of comfortable indoor environments, lowering energy consumption, and ensuring proper air quality.

Designed specifically for air ducts
This HVAC transmitter measures temperature and relative humidity in air ducts. The dew point is calculated based on these measurements. This sensor works best if it is installed in a straight section of the air duct. Avoid installing in turbulent air zones near filters, fans, cooling coils, and so on. Position the sensor correctly in relation to the airflow direction. More detailed information can be found in the mounting instructions.Humidity control air duct

How does it function?
One output is controlled by the sensor algorithm. This output can be used to operate an EC fan, an AC fan speed controller, or a damper actuator. The output value varies in direct proportion to the measured temperature and relative humidity. For example, as the temperature or relative humidity approaches their maximum limit, the fan speed increases or the damper opens. The control value can be accessed via the analogue output and Modbus RTU.
3-wire connection
The cage clamp terminal blocks reduce wiring and installation time. They eliminate the need for routine maintenance and guarantee a reliable contact for solid or stranded wires. This sensor can be supplied with 24 V DC or with 24 V AC and is intended for 3-wire connection. The ground of the output (GND) is internally connected to the ground of the supply voltage (V-). Make sure not to connect this common ground to other devices that are powered by a DC voltage.

Easy to use
This sensor requires very little setup. Once installed, it is almost immediately usable. Temperature and relative humidity are frequently region- and season-dependent. During installation, these parameters are still set to the correct values. The other default settings will most likely be adequate for most applications. They can, however, be adjusted via the respective Modbus registers if necessary. To make it compatible with other devices, you can choose a different output type, for example: Modbus RTU; 0-10 VDC; 0-20 mA; 0-100% PWM. You also also deactivate one of the readings. If you want to control your fan based on humidity only, you can deactivate the temperature reading in the corresponding Modbus register. The Modbus register map contains a comprehensive list of all programmable settings.
Excellent quality
This HVAC transmitter is made in Europe. Each sensor is calibrated and tested in our factory. We only use high-quality sensor elements and components. This guarantees the HVAC transmitter's long-term stability and accuracy. The enclosure has an IP54 rating for dust and moisture protection. The sensor element is built into the probe of the duct sensor. This probe has an opening to allow direct contact between the air flow and the sensor element. The sensor probe itself is IP20 rated.      
∞ Monitoring indoor air quality

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