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Sentera internet gateway | Wi-Fi

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Product description

The SIGWM Gateway, designed to seamlessly connect your Sentera devices to the SenteraWeb online HVAC platform, revolutionizes how you monitor, control and optimize your HVAC devices. With its Wi-Fi network connectivity, the Sentera Gateway eliminates the use of cables and simplifies the installation process.

The enclosure allows for easy wall mounting in any indoor environment.

Thanks to the RJ45 connector, both Modbus RTU communication and the 24 VDC power supply are effortlessly connected and both power and communication are transmitted using one cable.

Once connected, the SenteraWeb platform empowers you to monitor crucial data and parameters of your HVAC devices with ease. From temperature to humidity and beyond, stay informed about your system's performance no matter where you are. And, when it comes to adjustments, you have the power to fine-tune settings remotely, ensuring optimal comfort and energy efficiency.

Additional specifications and description

Smart is the standard of the future – be it at home, at work or in the public. We are all turning smart and so are the buildings. On-demand ventilation is the top choice for almost every newly erected public building, making it energy efficient. And smart means connected to the World Wide Web, smart means having control over it in your hands – from any part of the globe. 
Never failing to implement the latest HVAC trends, Sentera developed the SIGWM - a compact and wireless only version of an Internet Gateway - the bond between you and Sentera’s Cloud platformSenteraWeb. Now you can have control over you HVAC installation in your hands at all times, from everywhere!

Sentera Cloud platform access diagram

Why sign up to SenteraWeb?
The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the HVAC industry by enabling remote monitoring and control of HVAC systems. IoT technology allows for enhanced efficiency, user-friendliness and responsiveness to changing conditions, leading to energy savings and early issue detection.
SenteraWeb offers a comprehensive set of tools for HVAC system management namely: 
- Remote monitoring and control: SenteraWeb enables users to monitor and control HVAC installations remotely using a standard web browser. This feature allows users to access and manage their HVAC systems from anywhere and the only thing they need is internet connection. 
- Data logging and visualization: SenteraWeb allows for the logging of data generated by HVAC systems. Users can visualize this data, which can provide insights into system performance, temperature trends, and other relevant information.
- Data download: Logged data can be downloaded, making it accessible for further analysis, reporting, or record-keeping purposes. This feature can be valuable for tracking historical HVAC performance.
- Day-week scheduler: The day-week scheduler feature allows users to create different operating regimes for their ventilation systems. For example, users can set up day-night regimes to adjust ventilation settings based on the time of day or specific scheduling requirements. This scheduling capability enhances energy efficiency and adapts HVAC operations to changing needs.
- Adding multiple users: There is an option to enable more than one users to configure, monitor or adjust the system parameters, literally, from any part of the world! 
- Receive fault notifications: SenteraWeb offers the option to set up alerts. You can configure alerts to notify you when a specific air quality parameter goes outside the acceptable ranges you can be notified via e-mail or sms. This helps you address air quality issues promptly.

The interface is very intuitive, therefore even people with no in-depth knowledge of heating, ventilation or air conditioning will be able to use it. The control over your HVAC system is always in your hands, anytime, anywhere! Simply put, the SIGWM is installed in situ to provide you access to your installation ex situ, no matter how far from the building you may be. 

The final results are optimised energy efficiency, convenience and responsiveness of HVAC installations and all you need is this tiny device offering numerous possibilities for your HVAC system in order to control your perfect environment. 

Remarks, reviews & ratings

Me parece un producto muy útil, pues me permite controlar y monitorear los sensores de CO2, que he instalado en mi casa de una forma remota en cualquier tiempo.
Labai jau minimalistinis daiktas išvaizda, bet ne savo funkcijomis, pradžioje nepavyko pajungti, parašiau gamintojui ir greitai gavau smulkesnę instrukciją kaip teisingai pajungti ir viskas pavyko.
Kompaktní velikost. Ze začátku jsem měla jen trochu problémy s připojením. Dle návodu jsem vše zapojila správně a LED diody svítily zeleně, jen v portálu SenteraWeb mi nefungovalo pořádně připojení. Po odeslání dotazu mi však bylo porazeno, co mám dělat a nyní vše funguje, jak má.
Jitka Benešová
Dobrý den, Moniko, děkujeme za Vaši reakci. Jsme rádi, že se vše podařilo vyřešit a nyní je vše v pořádku. Pokud budete potřebovat další pomoc, neváhejte se na nás obrátit.
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