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Transparant, plastic tubes with connection set

Air flow velocity - Pitot tube connection set - L 150 mm

Product description

Pitot tube to measure air volume flow or air velocity in combination with a differential pressure sensor. This set contains a plastic probe and 2 flexible, transparent PVC tubes with a length of 2 m. The pitot tube length is 150 mm. It can be used for air ducts with a diameter of 100 - 300 mm. The maximum working pressure is 10.000 Pa. This set is used to measure or control air velocity. In combination with some sensor, it can also be used to measure or control air volume flow, based on the duct cross section.

Article code
Accessories for differential pressure transmitters and controllers
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90 U.
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3 Week(s)

Additional specifications and description

Air velocity or air volume flow
This set can be used to connect a pressure sensor (*) to the ductwork. It allows you to measure or control air velocity [m/s]. The pitot tube compares static and dynamic pressure. It works according to Bernoulli's law. To ensure optimum performance, it must be installed correctly in relation to the air flow. If the duct cross section is known, it can be used to measure or control air volume flow [m³/hr].
(*) Compatible with HPSDPS, HPD and DPD pressure sensors and with HPSP, HPSA and DPSP and DPSA pressure controllers.
High-quality plastic
The pitot tube probe is made of grey, high-quality r-ABS plastic. This material is heat resistant and very tough. The length is 150 mm and the diameter is 12,5 mm. This pitot tube can be used for duct diameters of 100 - 300 mm. The tubes are made of transparent PVC. They have a diameter of 7 mm and a length of 2 m. The maximum working pressure is 10.000 Pa and the maximum operating temperature is 60 °C.

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