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Roll of flexible, transparant PVC tube - L 100 m

Article code TUBE-PVC0705-100
GTIN 0.540.100.301.849.1
Intrastat number
Category Accessories for differential pressure transmitters and controllers
Current stock 2 Roll
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Product description

Roll of flexible, transparent PVC tube. In HVAC applications it is used to connect pressure transmitters to air ducts.

This roll has a total length of 100 m. The tube inner diameter is 5 mm. The external diameter is 7 mm.

The maximum pressure is 10.000 Pa. The maximum operating temperature is 60 °C.


Additional specifications and description

Measure differential pressure
This flexible pipe is typically used in HVAC applications to connect Sentera's differential pressure devices to the ductwork. In combination with a pressure controller or sensor, the fan speed is controlled to maintain the air volume flow constant - regardless of the demand. 
It can be used in air conditioning systems for monitoring the air flow in  ducts, but also for filters, dampers and fans. It is suited for for air or other other non-inflammable and non-aggressive gases. 
Transparent PVC
This flexible tube is made of transparent PVC. It has an external diameter of 7 mm. The internal diameter is 5 mm. The total length is 100 m. The maximum working pressure is 10.000 Pa and the maximum operating temperature is 60 °C.

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Me sorprende mucho la temperatura de funcionamiento de esta manguera. ¿De verdad es 60 °C?
Angel Hristov Kolev
Buenos días Marín. La temperatura de funcionamiento es correcta. La manga se produce de PVC de muy alta calidad.
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