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2-speed fan switch | OFF position

Article code SMT-1-30-3A
GTIN 0.540.100.301.880.4
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Category 3-step control switch for single phase motors
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Product description

The SMT-1-30-3A is a control switch designed to control single-phase multi-stage or multi-speed motors. The SMT-1-30-3A is a passive switch that operates without an external power supply. The device easily distributes the mains signal to one of its two outputs, providing unrivaled control of motor operation depending on the switch position.

The precision SMT-1-30-3A has an OFF position and two different outputs, seamlessly transferring the 230 VAC line signal to one of its two terminal blocks. This feature allows easy adjustment of the multi-speed fan speed and provides two different stages for optimal tuning. For reliability and efficiency in any application, the SMT-1-30-3A 's contact rating is 10 A for resistive and 3 A for inductive loads.

The SMT-1-30-3A enclosure can be either inset mount (IP44) or surface mount (IP54), making the SMT-1-30-3A versatile and durable. This flexibility ensures suitability for use in a variety of environments and allows you to choose the installation method that best suits your needs : the SMT-1-30-3A redefines industry standards by combining innovation, efficiency and reliability.

Additional specifications and description

Dual-speed motors Controller 2-speed fan
A dual-speed motor is a motor with two electric windings. These motors are designed in such a way that there are actually two motors wound on one stator. One winding, when energized, accelerates the motor towards low speed. When the second winding is energized, the motor further accelerates towards full speed. 
In comparison to other speed control systems dual-speed motors lose less power. This is due to the fact that the motor uses the majority of the power and there is no electrical pulse switching. Dual-speed motors are a cost-effective choice for applications that only require two speeds, while also lowering the chance of failure. These motors are often constructed with an operational speed and a slower speed for easier starting; they are often used in industrial machinery and systems where two distinct speeds are required. 

Regulate fan speed of 2-speed motors

A fan with 2-speed motor has two connection points on the main motor winding. The supply voltage of the motor can be connected to one of these two points. The motor speed depends on the used connection point. The controller for a 2-speed motor will therefore connect the line voltage to one of both contacts. Turning the rotary switch to another position will transfer the voltage to another motor winding and this results in a different fan speed.
Straightforward installation
We understand the importance of simplicity in installation processes. Our manual control switch is designed for easy integration into existing HVAC systems. Whether you are an experienced installer or an end user, the straightforward installation process ensures a hassle-free experience. 
Having removed the knob and the front enclosure by simply pulling them out, mount the enclosure onto or into the wall, depending on your preferences. Next, connect the supply voltage and then the outputs to the fan motor. All you need to install the SMT is a set of screwdrivers. 
Please pay attention to the correct mounting position. Never install the device upside down!

One enclosure, different mounting possibilities
The enclosure of the SMT-1-30-3A is made of solid ASA plastic in a nice cream colour (RAL9010) that is UV resistant and protects the electronics against dust, water and impacts. The enclosure features both flush and wall mounting, making it suitable for installation in any kind of wall, including gypsum board, brick or wooden panel. 
If you choose the flush mounting option, the switch fits perfectly into the standard European wall mounting box and blends in with the background. The protection class is IP44 for flush and IP54 for surface mounting.
Our manual control switch is crafted with durability in mind and features a robust build that ensures reliability in diverse HVAC applications. The switch is engineered to withstand the demands of continuous operation, providing users with a dependable solution for their fan control needs. The switch looks nice and is a good match for any interior style. Cleaning it is very easy using only a damp cloth.
What we do to guarantee the long service life of our products is that besides developing the electronics, we also manufacture the enclosures for the devices ourselves.  

∞ What is a control signal?

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Simple and easy, looks good.
Galų gale atsirado analogas brangiems Ispaniškiems reguliatoriams, dizainas liuks, funkcionalumas liuks, kaina liuks, daugiau nieko ir nereika.
Dobry sprawdzony przełącznik biegów z funkcją WYŁ. prosty montaż , niezawodna praca
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