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0-10 V Potentiometer | OFF-position | 24 V supply

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Article code MTP-G010-AT
GTIN 0.540.100.300.889.8
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Category Potentiometers - low supply voltage
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Product description

Introducing the MTP-G010-AT, a reliable solution crafted for precision control within ventilation systems. This potentiometer is equipped with advanced features, offering control over EC fans, damper actuators, AC fan speed controllers, or frequency inverters. It effortlessly adapts to various scenarios, offering versatility with a supply voltage range of 15-24 VAC or 18-34 VDC.

Take charge through a continuous variable output signal, effortlessly adjusted using the manual rotary knob. The OFF-position simplifies control signal deactivation with a straightforward counter-clockwise twist. Fine-tune your system with precision trimmers, enabling adjustment of minimum (0-7 VDC) and maximum (3-10 VDC) output levels.

Crafted for durability, the MTP-G010-AT features a splash-proof enclosure suitable for either inset mounting (IP44) or surface mounting (IP54). This adaptability ensures consistent performance across diverse environments, instilling confidence in meeting your ventilation control requirements. Whether your focus is on efficiency, precision, or adaptability, the MTP-D010-AT stands out as the pragmatic choice for managing ventilation systems. Elevate your control experience with a device that seamlessly integrates functionality and durability, providing a reliable solution tailored to meet your needs.

Additional specifications and description

What is the purpose of a 0-10 V potentiometer?
The control signal (the output of the potentiometer) increases or decreases according to the position of the rotary knob. An EC fan or a damper actuator can be directly controlled with it and this is the most common signal type. It can also remotely control AC fan speed controllers featuring analogue input (for instance, Sentera’s EVS or MVS series) or frequency drives (Sentera’s FI-E series). An illustrative example involves installing the potentiometer in an office room while the fan speed controller is positioned in a technical room or electrical cabinet. This provides enables convenient and effective control of the HVAC equipment. potentiometer for EC fan

24 V power supply
24 VDC or 24 VAC are commonly used supply voltages in the HVAC industry. Their extensive use is primarily due to safety, efficiency, and compatibility reasons. Lower voltages are safer for both equipment and people. They reduce the risk of electrical shock and are generally within the low-voltage category, making them more suitable for use in residential and commercial HVAC systems. Many HVAC control systems, including thermostats, sensors, and other electronic components, are designed to operate at 24 volts. This standardization ensures compatibility between different components from various manufacturers, making it easier for installers and technicians to work with a wide range of equipment. Operating at lower voltages can contribute to better energy efficiency. It minimizes power losses and heat dissipation, especially in control circuits and electronic devices. Additionally, the use of lower-voltage components can extend the lifespan of electronic equipment.
Sentera offers a range of high-quality 24 V power supplies featuring overvoltage and overload protection,  

Adjustable minimum and maximum levels
For some applications, it is necessary to adjust the low limit and the high limit of the control signal. Some EC motors or damper actuators cannot handle control signals that are too low. The low limit of the control signal can be adjusted via a built-in trimmer. A fan may also be overdimensioned. If so, the high limit of the control signal can be reduced via the maximum speed trimmer. This will limit the maximum fan speed.

What are the limits of the control signal?
The minimum value of the control signal can be set between 0 and 7 VDC. The maximum value of the control signal can be set between 3 and 10 VDC. Always make sure the applied limits result in a control signal that complies with the specifications of the connected device. For example, if the supplied voltage is 15 VDC and the high limit is set to 100 %, the connected device must be able to handle a control signal up to 15 VDC.

OFF position
The rotary knob features an OFF position: when the  knob is turned completely counterclockwise, the control signal will be disabled. When the rotary knob is turned clockwise, it clicks out of the OFF position. The control signal will immediately jump to its low limit level. In case an EC fan is connected to the potentiometer, it will start and accelerate towards low speed. The EC fan can never be enabled at a speed lower than the selected minimum speed.

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