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Transformer fan speed controller met afstandsbediening schakelaar, in grijs, blauw en witte kleuren

Remote fan speed control, AC voltage controllable motor

Looking for a control solution with separate potentiometer for your AC fan? This control solution provides you 5-step speed control for single phase voltage controllable AC fans with a maximum motor current of 3,5 A. The fan speed can be selected via the external digital potentiometer. In case the motor is equipped with thermal contacts - TK or integrated temperature sensor in the motor windings – they can be monitored on continuous base. As soon as the motor temperature becomes too high, the motor is disabled to protect it from breaking down. The maximum distance between potentiometer and fan speed controller depends on many factors but should be kept short.

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Transformator regelaar voor ventilatoren, 230 VAC, 3,5 A, 0-(80)-110-140-170-190-230 VAC, 0..10 VDC ingang, TK, opbouw, IP54.
Digitale residentiële regelaar met analoge / modulerende uitgang, Modbus RTU communicaatie, voeding: 110-230 VAC ± 10 % / 50-60 Hz, uitgang: traploos (0-10 VDC / 0-20 mA / 0-100 % PWM), 7-segment LED aanduiding, witte behuizing.
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