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Differential pressure control: 0 - 2.000 Pa, AC induction motor

How to maintain constant pressure, even in case of polluted air filters? How to guarantee a constant volume flow, even in case of variable demands? The requested differential pressure (Pa), volume flow (m³/hr) or air velocity (m/s) level can be adjusted via Modbus RTU. This solution guarantees you exceptionally quiet motor operation and regulates the AC fan speed to maintain the requested value constant. The 24 VDC power supply increases the safety of your electrical installation thanks to overload and overvoltage protection. In case the motor features thermal contacts (TK or integrated temperature sensor in the motor windings), they will be monitored on continuous base to prevent the motor from overheating. This control solution is designed for single phase motors with a maximum current of 2,5 A.

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Electronic fan speed controller for single phase induction motors (110—240 VAC / 50—60 Hz), selectable analog input (0-10 VDC / 0-20 mA / PWM), Modbus RTU communication.
Differential pressure controller (PI, high resolution), range: 0-2.000 Pa, integrated K-factor, 7-segment LED display readout, analog / modulating output: 0-10 VDC / 0-20 mA / PWM, Modbus RTU communication, supply voltage: 18-34 VDC, version 2.
Power supply module, supply voltage: 85-264 VAC/ 50-60 Hz, output voltage: 24 VDC / 40 VA, IP65, Power over Modbus (PoM) compatible.
Differential pressure connection set PVC.
Enclosed IP65 Main / Emergency On-Off switch, 20 A, 400 Vac - AC3 3 kW, 2 poles - 1 stage, 1xNO + 1x NC, Red on Yellow, 3 x padlock
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