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EC fan heater and cooler controller

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Solution description

Industrial fan heater controller to heat warehouses or manufacturing plants. This controller regulates fan speed and controls an external water valve. The higher the difference between
the measured temperature value and the temperature setpoint, the higher the EC fan speed. The unregulated output controls a water valve or an electric heating element. All parameters can be adjusted via Modbus RTU communication.

Additional specifications and description

Fan heater controller for warehouses and production facilities Drawing with red and blue line
Industrial fan heaters are a good way to heat large halls such as warehouses or manufacturing plants. Air is drawn in, heated up and blown back into the room. Thanks to the mechanical supply of warm air into the space, it can be heated up more quickly. Higher efficiency is achieved thanks to the mechanical supply of the warm air. The use of industrial fan heaters is particularly recommended in industrial environments or logistics centers. It is the ideal solution for blowing warm air through a space with many obstacles such as machines and warehouse racks.
Fan speed can be set manually or automatically
To avoid overheating, heater and fan are always enabled simultaneously. The included PT500 temperature sensor measures the ambient temperature. The desired temperature can be selected via the rotary button on the front panel or via Modbus RTU communication. When the ambient temperature is lower than the desired temperature, the heating is activated via the unregulated output (ON/OFF). At the same time, the fan is also activated. Fan speed can be controlled automatically (AUTO) or it can be fixed at a constant speed (positions 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 or 5). In position 0, the device is disabled. When the ambient temperature is higher than the setpoint temperature, heater and fan are disabled.
Adjust settings via Modbus RTU communication
For most applications, this controller can be used with its default settings. If necessary, these default settings can be adjusted via Modbus RTU communication. It is advisable to use the 3S Modbus software to adjust the settings. A free download is available via our website. To connect the computer to the ECH controller, we advise to use the optional connection set CNVT-USB-RS485-SET.

Components of this solution

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The ECH-8-DM, is the go-to controller for air heaters or air coolers equipped with EC fans. Designed with user-friendliness at its core, the ECH streamlines the management of ambient temperatures in spaces like warehouses or industrial areas. Temperature management becomes a breeze with the ECH's intuitive interface. A rotary knob on the front panel empowers users to fine-tune temperature setpoints within the range of 5 - 35 °C. This hands-on approach puts you in direct control, ensuring that your environmental conditions are precisely calibrated to meet your requirements. The ECH offers automated control of the EC fan speed, responding dynamically to ambient temperature changes, or users can alternatively adjust the fan speed manually, selecting from five distinct steps. The ECH's versatility extends to its unregulated output, allowing seamless control over a water valve or an electric heating element. Modbus communication takes functionality to the next level, enabling users to effortlessly toggle the unregulated output between cooling and heating modes. Alternatively, a straightforward jumper selection offers a quick and efficient way to switch between modes, giving you the autonomy to choose the method that suits your operational preferences. In summary, the ECH stands as a beacon of efficiency in temperature control, seamlessly integrating into your air heating or cooling systems. Its user-friendly features, from automated fan speed adjustments to manual controls and versatile output options, make it a reliable choice for industries seeking precision and adaptability.


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This passive temperature probe offers precise temperature measurement utilizing a PT500 sensor element. The platinum sensor is resin encapsulated and placed in a durable stainless steel tube measuring 53 x 8 mm to ensure reliability and longevity in various environmental conditions. It has a positive temperature coefficient of resistance, i.e., when the temperature rises, the resistance rises. At 0 °C, the resistance of the probe is 500 Ω. The length of the integrated unshielded cable is 4 metres and it has two twisted wires (2 x 0,5 mm²).

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