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Variable fan speed controller | 10 A

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Category Variable speed control - separate ON-OFF switch
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Product description

These electronic speed controllers regulate the speed of single-phase voltage-controllable motors with a maximum current of 10 A by varying the motor voltage via phase angle control (Triac technology). The series feature automatic power detection (110—240 VAC / 50—60 Hz).

The minimum speed is adjusted via an internal trimmer. The output voltage to the motor can be adjusted via the built-in potentiometer in the range between the supplied voltage and the selected minimum output voltage (30 to 60% of the supplied voltage).

The series has an unregulated output for connecting a valve, an operation indicator, an actuator, etc. There are two start modes (Kick start and Soft start) selectable via a jumper. The motor can be turned on or off via the integrated on/off switch.

The ITR can be used in demanding environments thanks to its IP54 protection against moisture, dirt and dust.

Additional specifications and description

Why control fan speed?
In many installations, fans are oversized. In the case of AC motors, a fan speed controller can be used to reduce fan speed and to optimize the supply of fresh air. Too much ventilation is never a problem for the indoor air quality. In many cases, an excessively high fan speed causes excessive noise in the air ducts. The higher the fan speed, the higher the energy consumption. Reducing fan speed by 25% can result in energy savings (operating costs) of more than 50%. Depending on the ventilation system, heating costs can also be reduced with an optimal fan speed.
Infinitely variable fan speed control
This fan speed controller regulates the speed of AC fans by reducing the motor voltage. The voltage is reduced via phase angle control (TRIAC technology). This speed controller is therefore only suitable for voltage controllable motors. If you are not sure if your motor is voltage controllable, it is best to contact the motor manufacturer. This speed controller works completely silently. The fan speed can be controlled with the rotary knob on the front panel. Depending on the motor type, a humming motor noise may occur at low speed.
Adjustable minimum motor speed
The internal trimmer allows for adjustment of the minimum selectable motor speed. This makes it possible to optimize the fan speed range that can be selected via the knob on the front panel. Some AC motors cannot withstand prolonged low-speed operation. There is a risk that they will overheat after a while. This can damage the winding insulation and thus permanent motor damage. To avoid overheating, the minimum motor speed can be increased if desired. The motor manufacturer has to specify the minimum permissible motor voltage of a voltage controllable motor.
How to start the motor?
Kick start and soft start are two different ways to start the motor. The difference between the two modes is the way the AC fan will accelerate from standstill. Kick start or soft start acceleration can be selected via an internal jumper. Kick start will start the motor immediately at maximum speed. After 8 – 10 seconds, the motor will decelerate towards the requested fan speed. Soft start will smoothly accelerate the motor from standstill towards the requested fan speed. This acceleration time will be approximately 8 – 10 seconds.

ON/OFF switch
With the illuminated ON/OFF switch on the side, the AC fan can be activated or deactivated. The switch is illuminated if the ON position is enabled. Please read the mounting instruction and datasheet for more details.
Unregulated output
When the motor is enabled, the unregulated output is active. Because this output is either ON (230 Volt) or OFF (0 Volt), it is called an ‘unregulated output'. The maximum current for this output is 2 A. It is typically used to control an external run-indicator, to open or close a damper, to switch an external relay, etc.
E.g. when the fan stops, the damper is closed. When the fan is active, the damper is open.
Solid enclosure
This fan speed controller can be installed on a wall or panel indoors. Make sure that the fan speed controller can sufficiently cool. Preferably install it in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. The enclosure is made of high-quality plastic type r-ABS VO (UL94). This material is flame extinguishing, very tough and offers good protection against impacts. It offers an IP54 protection against ingress dust and water. 

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Dobry regulator elektroniczny do zastosowań w tródnych warunkach, solidna obudowa, stabilna bezawaryjna praca. Dobra cena
Daug lengvesnis už transformatorinį reguliatorių, tad lengva montuoti
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