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Mains switch | emergency-OFF switch | 2.2 kW | 2 poles

Article code EME5-20-2100
GTIN 0.540.100.300.227.8
Intrastat number
Category Switch disconnectors and motor circuit breakers
Current stock 131 U.
Factory lead time 4 Week(s)

Product description

Switch for mains isolation that can be locked in OFF position with a padlock. This makes it suitable to ensure safe working conditions during maintenance activities and to cut an electrical load (e.g. motor) off from the grid.

2.2 kW is the maximum load. The forced open contacts fulfil load break requirements up to 690 VAC. Thus, under any condition, this switch has the ability to cut off an electric motor's power supply. Because of this, it can also be used as a motor emergency-OFF switch or as a mains isolating switch for electrical loads.

The switchgear is housed in a moulded enclosure with an IP65 sealing. This switch has 2 poles and no auxiliary contacts.
Manufacturers code: Kripal UKPN0-3P20A.

Additional specifications and description

A Mains Isolator Switch: What Is It?
Often called a mains switch or isolator switch, a mains isolator switch is a device intended to cut off an electrical circuit, machine, or piece of equipment's supply of power from the mains (or grid). Its main purpose is to swiftly isolate and disconnect power, offering a secure and effective way to terminate a particular electrical installation without interfering with other connected circuits. 

Motor maintenance Switch with
This red-on-yellow switch can interrupt the power supply of electric motors. In the OFF position (0), the electrical current is blocked. Thanks to the special openings, the switch can be locked in OFF position with an optional padlock. While the switch is locked in OFF position with a padlock, the motor cannot be enabled. This guarantees a safe working environment during motor maintenance activities. The technicians can work safely without having to worry that the installation will be switched on again at an unexpected time.
Motor emergency-stop
Emergency stop switches for electric motors must be reliable in all conditions to ensure safe operation. They must always be able to switch off the motor during an emergency or in hazardous situations. Even if the contacts are welded due to a short circuit, for example, the motor must be able to be switched off.
This switch features forced open contacts. This means that even if the contacts are welded due to a short circuit, they are mechanically forced open to stop the power supply and to create a safe situation. This makes them also suitable as motor emergency-OFF switches or as mains isolating switches for electrical loads. 
Solid enclosure
The high-quality plastic enclosure can be wall-mounted. It offers an IP65 protection against ingress of dirt and water. The four M20 or M25 knockouts simplify wiring. The red-on-yellow switch is clearly visible, which is important for an emergency-OFF switch.

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Asma kilit detayı 10/10
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