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PCB with integrated cable
PCB with integrated cable
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Soil moisture sensor

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Product description

This is a soil moisture sensor. It measures the soil water content. Typically, it is used in agricultural applications to prevent over-watering. The supply voltage is 24 VDC. All measurements are available via Modbus RTU communication. The sensor electronics are encapsulated in a rubber sealing. The integrated cable has a length of 7,5 m. A special adaptor box type ADPT-SWCSM is required to connect this sensor to a Sentera PoM network.

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Soil temperature and moisture sensors
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Additional specifications and description

Water content of the soil
Maintaining soil moisture and water balance healthy is essential for the production of high quality plants. In dry soil plants suffer from nutrient deficiencies, stunting and wilting. In wet soil plants are more susceptible to disease pressure and less tolerant of dry conditions later on in their life cycle. Extreme watering will suffocate the plant and lead to death. Efficient irrigation conserves water and reduces potential leaching of agrichemicals.
How it works
This soil moisture sensor measures the volumetric water content of the soil by using a combination of Frequency Domain Reflectometry (FDR) and capacitance technology. This method of measurement uses an oscillator to propagate an electromagnetic signal through a metal tine or other wave guide. The difference between the output wave and the return wave frequency is measured to determine soil moisture. If installed and used properly, this sensors provides insight into soil water content and plant water status. 
Combine multiple sensors
The sensor should be located in the effective root zone and at locations that can precisely follow up the moisture of the field. It is important to maximize contact between the green part of the sensor and the soil. Do not completely cover the sensor with ground. Installing multiple sensors provides unique insights into the infiltration of rainwater into the soil. It is also regularly used to investigate the efficiency of irrigation. Water is a precious resource. Measuring the water content of the soil makes it possible to control irrigation and to conserve water
How to connect?
This soil moisture sensor has an integrated cable of 7,5 m length. An optional adaptor box type ADPT-SWCSM is helpful to connect this sensor. This sensor requires a 24 VDC power supply. The measurements can be read out via Modbus RTU communication.

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