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potentiometer Modbus communication
potentiometer Modbus communication
potentiometer Modbus communication EC fan
HVAC potentiometer Modbus communication
0-10 V potentiometer Modbus communication
0-10 Volts potentiometer Modbus communication
Controller for EC fan Modbus communication

Potentiometer | Modbus RTU communication

Product description

This is a potentiometer with Modbus RTU communication. The supply voltage is 85-264 VAC. The analogue output signal can be set via the rotary knob with off-position. Following output types can be selected: 0-10 V / 0-20 mA / 0-100 % PWM. In OFF-position, the output is 0 V. This potentiometer controls EC fans, AC fan speed controllers or damper actuators. The output range is adjustable via Modbus RTU. The minimum output value can be adjusted between 0 to 40 %. The maximum output value can be adjusted between 60 to 100 %. The splash-proof enclosure allows inset mounting or surface mounting.

Article code SPV-8-010-PM
GTIN 0.540.100.301.756.2
Category 230 VAC powered potentiometers
Current stock 9 U.
Factory lead time 4 Week(s)

Additional specifications and description

This is a 0-10 V potentiometer
SPV series can be used as a simple potentiometer. Via the rotary knob, an output value can be set. This output value can control EC fans or damper actuators. It can also remotely control AC fan speed controllers (EVS or MVS series) or frequency inverters (FI-E series).
0-10 V potentiometer with Modbus RTU communication!
This is not just a simple potentiometer. This is a state-of-the-art digital potentiometer. It can work stand-alone or it can be integrated in a Modbus-RTU network.
E.g. The potentiometer can still control an EC fan via 0-10 V. At the same time, the building management system can read out the set value of the potentiometer. The building management can even take control of the potentiometer 0-10 V output if necessary.
Modbus RTU potentiometer
SPV series offer fully digital control for AC fan speed controllers (RTVS1 series) via Modbus RTU. Both devices are connected digitally. This reduces the risk of disturbances and offers the possibility to increase the cable length between potentiometer and fan speed controller.
Adjustable minimum and maximum level
Some EC motors or valve drives cannot handle control signals that are too small. Sometimes a fan is overdimensioned or too powerful. No worries, the upper and lower limits of this potentiometer's output can be adjusted via Modbus RTU. E.g. by default, the output signal is 0-10 V. This can be adjusted to 4-9 V or another customised range.
Reversible output signal
By default, this potentiometers output goes from low to high. It ispossible to inverse the output of this potentiometer so that it goes from high to low. E.g. by default, the output signal is 0-10 V. This can be adjusted towards 10-0 V.
230 VAC power supply
This potentiometer works directly on 230 VAC mains voltage. No separate power supply is required!
Different output types
The output type of this potentiometer can be selected via Modbus RTU: 0—10 V, 0—20 mA or 0—100 % PWM.