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Modbus RTU IO module | 4 digital inputs | 4 digital outputs

Article code DIO-M-D4
GTIN 0.540.100.300.077.9
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Product description

This is an Input-Output module for Modbus RTU networks.
It has 4 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs. The digital outputs are activated via a Modbus RTU. The status of the digital inputs is translated into Modbus RTU registers.

The supply voltage is 24 VDC, Power over Modbus. This means that both Modbus RTU communication and the supply voltage can be connected via the RJ45 socket.

The enclosure is DIN rail mounted. It offers an IP30 protection degree against ingress of dust and moisture.

Additional specifications and description

How does it work?
Sentera devices communicate with one another via Modbus RTU communication. Modbus RTU is a serial communication protocol that uses RS485 technology. Some applications require communication with non-Sentera products - for example a damper actuator, a door switch, etc. These non-Sentera products can be connected via this DIO-M-D4 module. They can receive commands via the digital outputs of this module. They can send information via the digital inputs of this module. When activated, the digital outputs have a 5 VDC output level. They are short circuit protected. The combined maximum load is 100 mA.
How to connect
Modbus RTU communication and the 24 VDC supply voltage for this module are connected via the RJ45 socket. To facilitate wiring, we recommend using Sentera’s 24 VDC power supplies with an RJ45 connector. The enclosure offers an IP30 protection against ingress of dust and moisture.
Digital inputs: There are multiple ways to connect the digital inputs of DIO-M-D4. The I/O module also features motor tacho signal detection and reading. examples. 
Digital outputs: The digital outputs of DIO-M-D4 must be connected to the inputs of the external device. 
For further information, please refer to the Mounting Instruction of the device, which can be downloaded from our website.  

Modes of operations
Although the 4 digital inputs and the 4 digital outputs can operate completely independently (Normal Modbus mode), it is also possible to make the outputs interact with the inputs. The input-output module has two operating modes: 
Normal mode: Normal mode is the default operating mode. In normal mode, a Modbus RTU master device is required to control the outputs and to read the input values of this module. For the digital outputs to work in this mode (without interaction with the inputs), Modbus holding registers 21 to 24 should be set to ‘0’ (Normal Modbus mode). Holding registers 11 to 14 can then be used to put the Digital outputs (DО1 to DО4) to low or high.
Tied mode: Tied mode can be activated via Modbus RTU. In tied mode, the outputs will interact with the inputs. If an input is activated, the output that is tied to this input will also be activated. There are several possibilities to activate the digital inputs of this module. The inputs can be activated by an external device with a digital output, a dry contact output or by a tacho signal. A tacho signal can be used to measure motor speed. Tacho signals in the range of 0 - 60.000 rpm or 0 - 1.000 Hz can be detected.

I-O module with 4 digital outputs  
DIN rail mounting
This Modbus RTU I/O module is intended for mounting onto a DIN rail inside an equipment racks – the perfect solution for industrial control equipment. DIN rails are metal rails that conform to industry standards and are used to mount industrial processing equipment. Installation is very simple – just mount the device onto the rail and lock it using the pin at the bottom of the device. DIN rail electronics have been around for a long time and are becoming increasingly popular in industrial applications across a wide range of industries. 

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Хороший модуль, покупали чтобы интегрировать под умный дом, но хотелось бы больше функциональности и возможности подключений как хаб до 6 устройств и более.
Dobry, niedrogi cyfrowy moduł In/Out dla sieci Modbus RTU do montażu na szynę DIN, szybka dostawa
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