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Greenhouse air extraction | 5-35 °C | 6 A

Article code GTE21-60-DM
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Product description

Discover the GTE21-60-DM, a temperature-based fan speed controller designed for monophasic voltage-controllable motors.
Ideal for glasshouses, it offers versatile fan speed control based on measured temperature, ensuring optimal environmental conditions.

With Modbus RTU integration, you can remotely or automatically adjust settings.
When the measured temperature falls below the setpoint, the fan operates at low speed; when exceeded, it accelerates proportionally.

Operate the controller standalone with manual control or connect it to a computer using Sentera’s 3SModbus software or the Sensistant configurator for remote Modbus control. Additionally, connect to SenteraWeb for Internet-based control. Key features include PT500 temperature probe input (pre-wired for DT version), temperature setpoint potentiometers (5—35 °C), and adjustable minimum speed. Internal trimmer allows for maximum speed adjustment with customizable hysteresis and proportional range. Housed in a reliable RABS V0 grey (RAL7035) enclosure, the GTE21-60-DM ensures precise and reliable performance.

Technical specifications encompass a 230 VAC ±10 % / 50—60 Hz supply voltage, 6 A maximum motor current, Vmin adjustable (80—160 VAC) via potentiometer, and Vmax adjustable (170—230 VAC) via internal trimmer."

Additional specifications and description

New series for temperature based fan speed control
If you need sophisticated fan speed control for your greenhouse, this is what you need. This device is the updated version of Sentera’s GTE series. Just like version 1, this one is intended for monophasic voltage controllable motors and control is based on the measured temperature. What makes it perfect for your modern hothouse is the fact that it features Modbus RTU. This means you can control the environment parameters remotely or automatically based on the setting you have applied. When the measured temperature is lower than the temperature setpoint, the fan runs at low speed. When the selected temperature is exceeded, the fan speeds up. The higher the measured temperature, the faster goes the fan. 
Its greatest advantage compared to the old product version is its operating temperature range – from 5 to 35 °C.
Fan speed controller in a greenhouse

Manually or computer controlled
The controller can be used both on its own or be controlled by a computer and operated by 3SModbus software of Sentera, which is free and can be downloaded from our website. It can also be connected to SenteraWeb and controlled from any part of the world!
When used standalone, it is manually controlled, however, its jumpers need to be set to the desired values. The built-in potentiometers are used to control temperature setpoint and minimum speed.  
When used in Modbus mode, its parameters are set via Modbus RTU. This means the device is controlled remotely via a PC, so there is no need to set the jumpers, i.e. they can remain in their factory set positions.
The device also features a further option – you can connect it to SenteraWeb and control the fan speed via the Internet. 

About Modbus RTU communication
All settings of this fan speed controller can be adjusted and monitored via Modbus RTU communication. All you need to do is download our free 3SM Software from our website and you get the motor control type you wish – manual or digital, i.e. local or remote! 

To measure the temperature in the greenhouse, you need to connect a PT500 temperature probe to the controller and place its sensor in an appropriate point. Based on the measured temperature the controller works towards reaching the setpoint selected via the potentiometer on the enclosure or via Modbus (bear in mind that Modbus mode overrides manual control). 

Control multiple fans
You can connect several motors to the controller as long as the current limit of 6 A is not exceeded. In this case all of them will run at the same speed. 

Extra output
This controller features an unregulated output which is active when the motor is enabled. It is called so since it is either ON (230 Volt) or OFF (0 Volt). If the supply voltage is connected to L and N, the unregulated output is active while the motor is in operation. The unregulated output is used to control external devices such as dampers, relays, run indicators, etc. that can work without the need to regulate the incoming voltage. In other words the GTE regulates the fan through the so called “regulated output” via controlling the voltage with the option to regulate one more device, but this time the voltage is “unregulated”, i.e. either 0 V or 230 V. When the fan stops, the connected external device will be disabled – the damper will be closed or the run indicator will switch off. While the fan is working, the damper will remain open and the indication light will be switched on. The maximum current of the unregulated output is 2 A.  

Stable enclosure
To make sure our products last long, work well and are fail-safe, we manufacture our enclosures. This industrial enclosure is made of R-ABS, V plastic - high-grade material is specially developed for engineering applications in the electronics sector or in the automotive, e.g. for car interior parts, wherever maximum performance at high temperatures is required. This material is flame retardant in case of fire, solid and provides good protection against impacts. Its protection class is IP54 against dust, dirt and water.

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Регулятор добре працює при низьких температурах від 5 градусів.
Geras elektroninis reguliatorius valdantis ventiliatorių pagal nusistatytą temperatūrą. Paprastas ir lengvai nustatomas paleidžiamas darbui.
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