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Black purple plastic enclosure with display and keybutton interface

Frequency inverter | 7,0 A | 1,5 kW | IP66 | 3ph 230 V

Product description

IP66 variable frequency inverter for three-phase 230 V motors. The supply voltage is three-phase 230 V. The maximum motor current is 7 A. The motor speed can be set via the intuitive keypad or via the inputs. Configuration is simplified via 14 basic parameters and application macro functions. This frequency drive can control fans or pumps in HVAC applications. The enclosure is dust-tight and washdown ready. It offers an IP66 protection against ingress of dirt and water. The heatsink is corrosion resistant. This frequency inverter can control three-phase 230 V IE3, IE4, permanent magnet, brushless DC or synchronous reluctance motors. The integrated EMC filter is Class C1. Manufacturers code: ODE-3-220070-3F4A.

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Speed control for three phase 230 VAC motors - 3x 230 VAC supply
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Additional specifications and description

Dust-tight design
This frequency inverter can be installed directly on processing equipment. The special ABS enclosure protects the electronics against dust and contaminants. In combination with the corrosion resistant heatsink this IP66 frequency inverter can be used for high-pressure washdown applications.
Easy to use
By selecting one of these application macros, the most important settings are pre-configured automatically. It is the ideal energy saving solution where high starting torque is not required. Typical applications are AC fans, blowers, centrifugal pumps, fume extractors and air flow controllers. By default, input 1 is used to start the motor. An optional 10K potentiometer can be connected to terminals 5, 6 and 7 to adjust fan speed. 
When input 3 is activated, the motor runs at the predefined speed in parameter 20. When input 3 is not activated (or not connected), the motor speed can be adjusted via the external potentiometer (or analogue control signal).

Control multiple motor types
This frequency inverter requires a 3-phase 230 V power supply. It controls standard 3-phase 230 V IE2, IE3 and IE4 induction motors. On top of that, it can also control Permanent Magnet motors, Brushless DC Motors and Synchronous Reluctance Motors.
Optimal motor control
This frequency inverter is standard equipped with an EMC filter class C1. The integrated brake chopper makes it possible to connect a brake resistor to reduce the deceleration time if necessary. Sentera HVAC sensors can be connected via the analogue input or via Modbus RTU communication.

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