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Dual air filter monitor | Wi-Fi

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Product description

Most heat recovery units have two air filters. FIM28 air filter monitors inform you when they need to be replaced. The differential pressure over both air filters is monitored. When one of these air filters get polluted, the differential pressure increases. When a threshold value is exceeded, an automatic notification message is sent via email or SMS message by SenteraWeb. SenteraWeb is the online HVAC portal. FIM28 uses the local Wi-Fi network to connect to SenteraWeb. SenteraWeb offers the possibility to adjust settings (e.g. threshold value), to monitor connected devices or to receive notifications. Based on these notifications, you are notified in time that the air filter needs to be replaced soon. Maintenance and air filter replacement can be scheduled ahead. The LEDs on the front cover provide a visual indication. The enclosure can be mounted on a panel or wall nearby the heat recovery unit.

Additional specifications and description

Clean air filters for good indoor air quality
A ventilation system supplies the building with filtered, fresh air. The air filters of the ventilation system stop pollen, dust particles and other contaminants. To achieve a healthy indoor air climate, air filters must be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis. Sometimes this is forgotten or done much too late with serious consequences for indoor air quality. After all, polluted air filters cannot not stop all pollutants any longer. In addition to good indoor air quality, another benefit of clean air filters is the fact that they allow the airflow to pass through more easily. This means: a significantly lower energy consumption of the fans.

Dual filter monitoring for Heat Recovery Units (HRU) Detect air filter pollution
How quickly an air filter becomes dirty depends on many different parameters as well as on local conditions. It is therefore not easy to estimate when it needs to be cleaned or replaced. Best is to measure the degree of pollution of the air filters via the FIM filter monitoring unit. Most ventilation systems with heat recovery are equipped with two fans and two filters. The differential pressures across both filters can be monitored via the FIM28 devices. When they need to be cleaned or replaced, a notification is sent via email or SMS message. This makes it possible to schedule maintenance in advance and to organize it efficiently. 

Differential pressure as a measure of pollution
As the air filters become dirty, more and more particles accumulate in the air filter. This makes it more difficult for the airflow to pass through the air filter. This increases the differential pressure over the air filter. The FIM air filter monitor measures the differential pressure over the air filter. When the threshold value is exceeded, a notification is sent that the air filters require maintenance. The LEDs on the front panel provide a visual indication. In case of a clean air filter, the LED is green. When the pollution increases, the color of the LED changes to yellow. When the filter is heavily contaminated and the differential pressure exceeds the threshold value, the LED turns red.

Alert notification to replace air filters
FIM air filter monitors are connected to SenteraWeb - the online HVAC portal. Via SenteraWeb it is possible to view connected devices, log data, change settings (e.g. differential pressure threshold value) or receive notifications. FIM -WF versions use the local Wi-Fi network to connect to SenteraWeb. For each air filter monitor, different users and configurators can be defined. A user can see the differential pressure over the air filter and check the status. Users cannot change settings. Configurators can also change settings (e.g. threshold value for differential pressure alert). Configurators can activate data logging to follow the evolution of differential pressure over the air filter. Logged data can be exported (.csv file). Notifications can be sent via email or via a text message (SMS) to the selected users and configurators.

Remarks, reviews & ratings

Dviejų filtrų stebėjimas vienu metu, pasiteisinęs sprendimas
Filtrų stebėjimui ir pranešimų gavimui tikrai pasiteisinęs sprendimas.
Es un detector, que usa una tecnología muy innovadora y avanzada, que incluye una serie de funcionalidades a la hora de monitorear nuestras instalaciones de HVAC.
Paprastas būdas stebėti filtrų užterštumą, gaunu pranešimą ir ramu.
Ciekawe rozwiązanie do monitoringu zanieczyszczeń filtrów powietrza
Výborně funguje, oceňuji i online portál SenteraWeb, kde si mohu vše přehledně a jednoduše nastavit a kde vidím všechna zaznamenaná data. Vřele doporučuji!
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