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Automatic fan speed controller | dual outputs 6 A | internet gateway

Article code TCMF8-602EW
GTIN 0.540.100.301.870.5
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Category HVAC controller for AC fans
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Product description

The TCMF8-602EW is an advanced controller engineered for precision fan speed control in systems with single-phase AC fans. With a maximum motor current of 6 A per motor output (2 x 6 A), this controller guarantees optimal efficiency for your HVAC setup. The TCMF8-602EW sets a new standard in automation by dynamically regulating fan speed, leveraging real-time measurements from up to 4 connected HVAC sensors through the RJ45 socket, supporting Power over Modbus. Additional sensors can be seamlessly integrated via extra power supplies.

The 2 analogue inputs, 2 analogue outputs and 2 tacho inputs offer a toolkit for customization tailored to your specific HVAC needs. Accessing application-specific firmware is effortless through SenteraWeb, your dedicated HVAC cloud platform. The integrated internet gateway ensures a smooth and secure connection to SenteraWeb via a LAN cable or via Wi-Fi. Opt for standalone operation or maintain continuous connectivity to the SenteraWeb cloud platform, granting you the freedom to control and monitor your HVAC system according to your preferences.

The TCMF8-602EW offers diverse functionalities. Sentera has developed a set of firmware, addressing various HVAC applications such as destratification, demand-based fan speed control, air handling unit control, etc. The configuration process is simplified by choosing the desired functionality on our website solution page and effortlessly downloading the corresponding firmware from SenteraWeb. No programming skills are required for this user-friendly controller. Fine-tune settings, if necessary, through Modbus Holding registers.

Additional specifications and description

Application specific firmware
TCMF8 controllers require application specific firmware. Typically, they regulate fan speed based on the input of the connected sensors or potentiometers. Application specific firmware can be downloaded via SenteraWeb - your personal HVAC cloud platform. This controller has an integrated internet gateway that can be connected via Wi-Fi or via a LAN cable. Once the firmware is downloaded the TCMF8 controller can work stand alone or it can stay connected to SenteraWeb.

Built-in Sentera Internet gateway 
Sentera’s Internet gateway is a device intended for use in building automation and smart building systems to connect Sentera’s products to the Cloud – SenteraWeb
Simply put, it is a physical device that connects Sentera’s devices to the Cloud. It can serve for both Ethernet and wireless access to Sentera’s Internet of Things. It enables users to remotely control and monitor their HVAC systems through a smartphone, computer, or other smart devices and typically provides the following functionalities:
- Remote control: Users can adjust temperature settings, set schedules, and control HVAC modes remotely, enhancing energy efficiency and comfort.
- Monitoring: Users can monitor the performance of their HVAC systems, receive alerts for issues or maintenance needs, and track energy usage.
- Data logging: It stores data, which can be useful for analyzing HVAC performance and trends.
The gateway of Sentera enhances the functionality and accessibility of HVAC systems, making them more convenient to manage and potentially more energy-efficient.
Different functionalities destratification fans control
We offer a limited number of specific firmware versions for typical HVAC applications (e.g. destratification, demand based fan speed control, etc). First select the required functionality via our website's solution page, then download the application specific firmware. If necessary, it is possible to adjust some settings via the Modbus Holding registers. No programming is required!
Inputs and outputs
This controller has two outputs to control AC fans with single-phase motor. The maximum combined current is 6 A per output. Fan speed is regulated by reducing motor voltage via phase angle control / TRIAC technology
An AC fan is a fan powered by alternating current. It plays a crucial role in facilitating the circulation of air within heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. AC fans are commonly used in various cooling applications to dissipate heat generated by electronic components or to enhance air circulation in buildings. 
Connect sensors or potentiometers
External HVAC sensors or potentiometers can be connected via Modbus RTU communication or via the analogue inputs. To simplify wiring of the external devices, 24 Volt supply is available via the RJ45 socket. The 24 Volt supply and Modbus communication can be distributed via one cable - we call it Power over Modbus or PoM. All settings can be adjusted via the Modbus Holding registers.

Solid enclosure
The enclosure of the TCMF8 is designed for indoor use and can be installed on a wall or panel. It is important to ensure that the location where it is installed allows for sufficient cooling to prevent overheating. This helps maintain optimal operating conditions and prolongs the life of the controller.
The enclosure is constructed from high-quality r-ABS VO (UL94) plastic and, what is more, it is manufactured in our own factory. The type of plastic used is known for its flame-extinguishing properties, toughness, and resistance to impacts. The enclosure offers an IP54 protection rating. 

Remarks, reviews & ratings

Класний регулятор, гнучке налаштування. Хотілося би мати модель з більшою потужністю.
An ideal fan speed controller that has all the necessary functions, as for the correct and safe operation of the fan, and for easy and convenient remote control.
This is the ideal controller for destratification fans. It offers the most efficient and cost-effective solution for reducing heat loss on cold days in our large warehouse.
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