Sensistant Sentera product configuration tool


Easy configuration and monitoring

SENSISTANT is a Modbus configuration and monitoring tool for Sentera devices. SENSISTANT is a perfect alternative for the 3SModbus software. It can be used to monitor or configure your SENTERA devices if you don’t have a computer available.

SENSISTANT is a 4.3 inch graphical user interface with a TFT touch screen. It communicates via Modbus RTU and is powered via PoM (24 VDC Power over Modbus). SENSISTANT is intended to configure or monitor Sentera HVAC sensors and fan speed controllers.

SENSISTANT automatically recognises the connected Sentera product. Once the product is connected, you can select the input registers or the holding registers. Input registers are read only and can only be monitored. Holding registers are editable. Consult our website for the complete Modbus register map of your Sentera device.


Easy to connect

Modbus configuration and monitoring tool communicates over Modbus RTU and is powered via PoM (Power over Modbus) – both power and communication are combined in one standard network cable.

Thanks to the RJ45 connector, it is very easy to connect.

Power supply

DIN-rail power supply with PoM connection

DRPS8 is a 24 VDC switch mode power supply. Devices can be connected via the terminal blocks or via the RJ45 connectors. This makes it possible to connect your SENSISTANT configurator via a network cable to the RJ45 connector.

The Sentera device that you want to configure, can be connected via the other RJ45 connector or via the terminal blocks. This power supply can be DIN rail mounted – preferably in an electrical cabinet.

Loads up to 40 W can be connected. The input voltage is 85 — 264 VAC. The overload protection disables the 24 V supply in case of a short circuit.

Power supply from DRPS8 diagram

Key features

Product configurator for Sentera products with Modbus RTU communication.

Easy to connect via a standard network cable.

Intuitive to use. Monitor and adjust the parameters of the connected device.