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What is PoM or Power over Modbus?

Modbus RTU – how to interconnect Sentera devices
Sentera products share information via Modbus RTU communication. Modbus RTU is a serial communication protocol that uses RS485 technology.

The term ‘PoM’ stands for ‘Power over Modbus’. It refers to a technology that both Modbus RTU communication and the 24 VDC power supply for the connected devices are distributed via one single UTP cable (Unshielded Twisted Pair cable). This makes it possible to connect different HVAC sensors via one cable. By using 3-way splitters, it is possible to create short branches to connect a device to the main line.

Some Sentera sensors have classic terminal blocks. In this case a UTP cable with loose wire ends is required. Sentera -M series HVAC sensors can be connected via one simple RJ45 connector. Sentera 24 VDC power supplies are also available with RJ45 connectors. This makes it possible to interconnect all Sentera devices with UTP cables with RJ45 connectors. This makes wiring more efficient and reduces the risk of wrong connections.

This movie shows how easy it is to crimp an RJ45 connector:

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