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What is PI control?

PI control is the abbreviation of Proportional Integral control. PI control is a feedback control loop mechanism that calculates a correction by taking the difference between the desired set point and the measured value. Common applications are cruise control, temperature control, etc.
The controller's PI algorithm restores the measured value to the desired set point with a minimal delay and overshoot.
- P stands for Proportional and represents the size of the calculated correction. The closer the measured value is to the set point, the smaller the correction will be. A higher P-value makes the controller more aggressive at responding to errors away from the set point. 
- I stands for Integral and looks at how the difference between set point and measured value evolves in time when applying the correction. Integral action is used to remove offset and can be thought of as an adjustable input value for the PI control loop.
Both P & I are parameters that can be set manually in the PI-controller. When activated (and available), the auto-tune function of the PI Controller calculates the optimal P- and I-parameters based on the real-time response of the process to different control values.
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