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What does ‘IP protection’ mean?

General questions about Sentera devices

IP rating, sometimes referred toas International Protection rating, or Ingress Protection rating classifies the degree of protection provided by the drive enclosure against both solid objectsand liquids. The IP code, defined by International standard IEC 60529, generally consists of two digits that classify the level of protection providedin each case.

Sentera products are available in enclosures with different IP ratings, dependent of the model range andspecifications required. Consult the product datasheets for further information on available ranges. A summary of the available IP ratings for Sentera productsare given below.

IP20 Enclosures provide someprotection from accidental contact from hands / fingers and no protection against the ingress of dust, water or other liquids into the product’s enclosure.These devices are designed to be installed in an electrical cabinet with sufficient ventilation and cooling possibilities.

IP30 Enclosures provide protectionagainst contact from hands / fingers and smaller objects (e.g. screwdriver). They don’t offer protection against the ingress of dust, water or other liquids into the product’s enclosure. These devices are designed for indoorapplications.

P54 Enclosures protect againstingress of dust to the point of preventing ingress of anything potentiallyharmful to the internal workings of the device. On top of that, the enclosure also withstands water splashing from different directions (no water jets). These devices are designed for applications in harsher environments or outside if protected against rain and direct sunlight with a cover.

IP65 Enclosure is rated ascompletely dust tight and protected against exposure to water jets from anydirection. These devices are designed for outdoor applications.

The level of IP protection you will require is dependent on your application and the conditions the Sentera device will be exposed to, and by any local regulations that are applicable to your application. Generally, if unsure, then always seek advice and elect to go with the higher IP rating.