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How to adjust parameters in a Sentera device?
Modbus RTU – how to interconnect Sentera devices
In the past, many devices were based on analogue technology, featuring jumpers or dip switches to make all required settings. With this older, analogue technology, it was no longer possible to achieve and sustain high measurement resolutions and to make these measurements available via the internet.
As befits an innovation leader, Sentera started the development of a completely digital HVAC transmitter without dip switches and jumpers. All settings can be made via Modbus RTU – locally or remote. Actually, it is much easier than before: install the free 3S Modbus software on your computer, connect the Sentera device to your computer via the USB key (article code CNVT-USB-RS485) and double click to adjust the parameters.

All parameters can be adjusted via the Modbus RTU holding registers or monitored via the input registers (download the Modbus RTU register maps for more details).
In case you don’t want to use a computer, try our SENSISTANT Modbus configurator.

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