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Goveco Bvba
Goveco is your Belgian partner for all your ventilation needs. We are not just another company. We make it our mission to bring European products and know-how to the world, outside of Europe. Our suppliers are carefully selected and all work with us on an exclusive basis.

Our core values are simple:
We connect people with projects and products with people
We facilitate your purchase throughout the whole trajectory
We can rely on years of networking and have connections in the ventilation business all over the world
Our fully automated ERP-system guarantees you paperless follow-up from A to Z

By staying true to these values, we have gathered an extensive portfolio of reference projects in every corner of the world.

We can supply all the materials within the ventilation chain, from Air Handling units, over all kinds of ducting and equipment, fire safety, VAV’s up to the grilles and diffusers. Throughout the whole ventilation process, we constantly need measuring, monitoring and steering of air movement. Therefore we are proud to be the exclusive partner of Sentera Controls. Their extensive product range of sensors, switches, transmitters and fan speed controls upgrades a simple ventilation system to a smart and energy-efficient air movement solution. You are in control of your perfect environment!

On top of that, we have our own warehouse in Antwerp, where we group all the products for your project. This allows us to make combined shipments, which reflects in a huge cost-saving for our customers.

Please find more information on our concept, our products and our references on

Contact details:
Steven Gobert

M: +32 494 52 92 80

Goveco bvba
Damstraat I5E
9230 Wetteren
T: +32 9 278 78 88

Date 05/08/2019
Digital versus analogue
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Date 26/06/2019
The underground car park sensor
The underground car park sensor A smart ventilation system is essential to maintain a perfect health and comfort level in enclosed parking garages. The brand new ODCOM-R sensor is designed for these applications. >>>
Date 04/06/2019
The perfect fan speed within your reach
The perfect fan speed within your reach The ITR(S)9 series are designed for local fan speed control in HVAC applications and allow you to optimize your ventilation system. Easy to use, no complicated configuration required. >>>
Date 16/05/2019
Control the temperature in your greenhouse
Control the temperature in your greenhouse Control the temperature in your greenhouse, increase performance with the GTE series. Demand controlled ventilation is made easy with Sentera. >>>
Date 15/04/2019
Monitor your air quality
Monitor your air quality On average, people spend 85% of the day indoors. Because the indoor air quality has a direct effect on the health of residents, it's important to monitor indoor air quality. That's why Sentera developed the ODVCM-R series. >>>