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Transformer fan speed controller | 3 x 230 VAC | 13 A

Article code STR-3130L10
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Category Three-phase motor controls - 230 VAC
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Product description

AC fan speed controller for three-phase 230 V motors. The combined maximum motor current is 13 A.

The rotary switch controls the AC fan speed. This 5-step rotary switch also includes an OFF position.

The motor speed is controlled in 5 stages by adjusting the motor voltage. The output voltage's excellent sinusoidal form ensures silent motor running.

The enclosure is protected against dirt, dust, and moisture infiltration with an IP54 rating.

Indoors, it may be wall mounted. The supply voltage is three times 230 volts.

Additional specifications and description

Manual controller 5-speed controller
The STR-3 transformer speed controllers are based on the principle of voltage control with autotransformers. They are applicable to voltage-controllable motors (3 phase, 230 VAC / 50 - 60 Hz), to control the rotational speed (of fans, pumps, etc.) in five steps. Thanks to the used technology, the regulated fans run very quietly
When choosing a controller it is important to know the maximum current intensity consumption on the taps. The indicated maximum current can be taken from each tap. 
The speed selection is achieved by simply rotating the control knob located on the front panel of the casing to one of five fixed positions, each corresponding to a specific voltage: 80, 110, 140, 170 and 230 VAC. Multiple fans can be synchronized using this controller, provided that their combined current consumption remains within the maximum permissible limit set by the controller.

In industrial settings where substantial air circulation is essential, three-phase fans are the go-to choice due to their reliability and consistent power supply. However, these fans require a three-phase power source typically found in commercial and industrial environments, making them less suitable for residential use. 
The STR-3 series offers a simple and effective solution for controlling three-phase fans with five-speed settings. These controllers use step changes in voltage to regulate fan speed. The control process is intuitive, involving a rotating knob on the front panel that can be set to five fixed positions. These positions correspond to different fan speeds, ranging from standstill to maximum.
The versatility of the STR-3 series makes it ideal for various industrial applications, including industrial kitchens, warehouses, gymnasiums, sports halls and similar environments, where fumes, heat or odours should be removed efficiently. It is also well-suited for managing extractor hoods and exhaust fans, ensuring efficient ventilation and air quality.
One notable advantage is the absence of the need for complex configuration or programming, simplifying installation and operation. These controllers are designed for straightforward use, making them a practical choice for those looking to control the speed of three-phase fans without the complexities associated with more advanced control systems.
STR-3 controller in a sports hall
Extra single-phase unregulated output
The fan speed controller comes equipped with an extra unregulated output rated at 230 VAC, which becomes active when the fan motor is enabled. This output operates in an ON/OFF manner, toggling between ON (providing 230 Volts) and OFF (providing 0 Volts) states. It is commonly referred to as the "unregulated output" due to this characteristic. The output is designed to handle a maximum current of 2 A. This rating ensures safe operation without overloading the controller or connected devices. The unregulated output serves as a versatile control signal and can be employed to operate a range of external components. Common applications include activating a run indicator, a damper or a relay. As an illustration, when the fan is not running, the unregulated output can be used to keep a damper in the closed position, restricting airflow. When the fan is active, the output signals the damper to open, allowing airflow as needed.

IP54 indoor wall-mounted metal enclosures
Our indoor wall-mounted metal enclosures are designed to provide robust protection against external contaminants and environmental factors. The quality of our enclosures is a top priority, ensuring the durability and extended lifespan of the equipment housed within them.


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Latvijos centre reikėjo tokių reguliatorių ir Sentera jų turėjo
Standenregelaar voor in Brussel want hier werken ze nog met 3 x 230. Basic, maar werkt goed. Weegt wel wat, dus niet simpel om op te hangen.
Benny Van Moeseke
Dank je wel voor de review Filip!
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