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Transformer fan speed controller | 3 x 230 VAC | 10 A

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Category Three-phase motor controls - 230 VAC
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Product description

AC fan speed controller for three-phase 230 V motors. The (combined) maximum motor current is 10 A. The AC fan speed can be selected via the rotary switch. This 5-step rotary switch also has an OFF position.

The motor speed is regulated in 5 steps by varying the motor voltage. The output voltage is fully sinusoidal and guarantees quiet operation of the motor.

The housing is IP54 protected to prevent the ingress of dust, dirt and moisture. The unit can be wall-mounted indoors.

The supply voltage is 3x 230 VAC.

Additional specifications and description

The series
The STR-3 series are three-phase transformer regulators that use the phase control principle to regulate the output voltage supplied to the load, according to the signal applied at the input.
These devices can drive asynchronous electric fan motors. The voltage supplied at the output is expressed as a percentage of the input voltage. The STR-3 series offers five distinct fan speeds, allowing you to tailor airflow to your needs. The speed selection is achieved by simply rotating the control knob located on the front panel of the casing to one of five fixed positions, each corresponding to a specific voltage: 80, 110, 140, 170, and 230 VAC. Multiple fans can be synchronized using this controller, provided that their combined current consumption remains within the maximum permissible limit set by the controller.

Voltage control
The STR-3 controllers are designed for the straightforward control of three-phase fans by step changing the supplied voltage. These controllers enable the regulation of three-phase fans by altering the supplied voltage in five fixed positions. This means you can manually adjust the fan speed by selecting one of the predefined settings.

Area of use
The STR-3 series are suitable for various industrial settings, including industrial kitchens, warehouses, and other industrial premises. They are commonly used in environments where proper ventilation and air circulation are essential. These controllers are particularly useful for regulating the speed of extractor hoods and exhaust fans. Proper ventilation is crucial in industrial kitchens and other spaces where fumes, heat, or smells need to be removed efficiently.

Unrivalled simplicity of use and installation
The STR-3 are user-friendly and do not require complex configuration or programming. The control is typically achieved through manually rotating the knob on the front panel, making it easy for operators to adjust the fan speed as needed. Since these controllers come with predefined speed settings, there is no need for additional configuration or programming, simplifying their installation and use. Connecting them is very easy. 
str-3 terminal block for 10 AmpThese controllers provide a cost-effective way to control the speed of three-phase fans in industrial environments without the complexity of more advanced control systems like variable frequency drives (VFDs).
They are designed for reliable and continuous operation, making them suitable for demanding industrial applications.

Unregulated output
The unregulated output on the fan speed controller is a secondary electrical output that is independent of the fan speed control function. The unregulated output provides a voltage of 230 VAC and operates in an ON/OFF manner. When the fan motor is enabled or running, this output is in the ON state, providing 230 Volts. Conversely, when the fan motor is not running or disabled, the output is in the OFF state, providing 0 Volts. The unregulated output has a maximum current rating of 2 A. It is important to ensure that any external components connected to this output do not exceed this current rating. This unregulated output can be used to control various external components or devices such as a run indicator light or LED, which can be connected to this output to provide a visual indication of whether the fan motor is running or not. When the fan is active, the indicator is ON, and when the fan is not running, the indicator is OFF. 

Indoor wall-mounted metal enclosure
Our indoor wall-mounted metal enclosures serve as protection against external contaminants and environmental influences. The quality of our enclosures is of paramount importance, ensuring the reliability and longevity of the enclosed equipment. With an IP54 rating, our enclosures are proven to effectively prevent dust ingress while also offering resistance to water splashes from all directions. This makes them ideal for a wide range of indoor applications.

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