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Sentera internet gateway | Ethernet or Wi-Fi

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Product description

The SIG-M-2 Gateway is specifically designed to connect Sentera devices to the SenteraWeb online HVAC platform. It provides a means of communication between the devices and the platform, enabling remote monitoring, data logging and adjustment of settings via the internet.

The gateway can be connected to the Sentera devices using either an Ethernet cable or a Wi-Fi network, providing flexibility in installation options. It is intended for wall mounting in indoor environments, allowing for convenient placement and integration into existing setups.

The gateway operates on a supply voltage of 24 VDC PoM (Power over Modbus). This means that both the Modbus RTU communication and the 24 VDC supply voltage are connected via an RJ45 connector, which simplifies the wiring and connection process.

By utilizing this internet gateway, a Sentera solution can be seamlessly connected to the SenteraWeb platform. SenteraWeb is an online HVAC platform that enables remote monitoring of data and adjustment of settings for the connected HVAC devices over the internet. Users can access the platform from anywhere and remotely monitor parameters such as temperature, humidity and other relevant data. Additionally, the platform supports data logging, allowing for the collection and analysis of historical data to optimize HVAC system performance.

Additional specifications and description

The Internet of Things technology (IoT) is revolutionizing the HVAC industry by making systems more efficient, user-friendly and responsive to changing conditions. It enhances energy savings, comfort, and sustainability while providing online monitoring and useful predictive maintenance capabilities. This transformation is driven by the need to collect, analyze and act on data from connected HVAC devices.
Always striving to be amongst the leaders and innovators in the HVAC industry, Sentera is no exception of the rule, so it is transforming itself by enabling remote monitoring and control of its HVAC systems. Sentera’s IoT allows for greater effectiveness, ease-of-use, and adaptability to changing conditions, leading to energy savings and timely detection of any issues. 

Sentera's Internet gateway
Sentera’s SIG-M-2 connects HVAC devices to the Cloud service called SenteraWeb. This gateway provides both wired and wireless access for IoT devices, allowing users to control and monitor their HVAC systems remotely through smartphones, computers, or other smart devices.
The functionalities of the Sentera's gateway:
•    Remote control: Users can adjust temperature settings, schedule HVAC modes, and enhance energy efficiency and comfort.
•    Monitoring: Users can monitor HVAC system performance, receive alerts for issues, and track energy usage.
•    Data Logging: The gateway stores data, enabling analysis of HVAC performance and trends.

Sentera gateway in wall mounted enclosure and IoT

Web portal
 SenteraWeb is the online HVAC platform of Sentera that allows users to:
•    Adjust parameter settings and configure connected devices
•    Remotely monitor connected devices 
•    Log measured data and power consumption
•    Receive alerts for exceeded threshold values
•    Receive firmware updates for hardware compatibility
•    Set up scheduling based on calendar events
•    Connect both Sentera and non-Sentera HVAC products via the Internet gateway.
Via SenteraWeb you can to monitor or remotely control HVAC installations via your standard web browser. Data can be logged and visualized and the lgged data can be downloaded. In case any values are out of range, notifications are sent. 
You can schedule or create various regimes for you ventilation installation installations. Also, it is possible to update the firmware of your Sentera devices via SenteraWeb or add multiple users to configure, monitor or adjust the system parameters, literally, from any part of the world! The interface is very intuitive, therefore even people with no in-depth knowledge of heating, ventilation or air conditioning will be able to use it. The control over your HVAC system is always in your hands, anytime, anywhere!

Solid surface mounted enclosure
The SIG-M-2 is designed for indoor use and can be installed on a wall or panel. It is important to ensure that the location where it is installed allows for sufficient cooling to prevent overheating. This helps maintain optimal operating conditions and prolongs the life of the controller.
The enclosure of the gateway is constructed from high-quality r-ABS VO (UL94) plastic and, what is more, it is manufactured in our own factory. The type of plastic used is known for its flame-extinguishing properties, toughness, and resistance to impacts. UL94 is a flammability standard, and "VO" indicates a high level of fire resistance. The enclosure offers an IP54 protection rating

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Es un artículo muy innovador, que permite conectar productos de HVAC, que tienen comunicación Modbus RTU, al portal de HVAC en la nube SenterWeb.
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