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Modbus RTU repeater | power supply 24 VDC | DIN rail mounting

Article code DPOM8-24-20
GTIN 0.540.100.300.147.9
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Category Distribution boxes for Modbus RTU and power supply
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Product description

This 24 VDC switch mode power supply is DIN rail mounted and features a built-in Modbus RTU repeater.

It offers protection against short circuit, overload and overvoltage. The maximum load is 900 mA or 20 W.

The 24 VDC supply is only available via the output channel. All devices can be connected via terminal blocks or via the RJ45 connectors. The Modbus RTU communication of both channels is reinforced by the built-in half-duplex line repeater.

The supply voltage is in the range of 85 to 264 VAC (50-60 Hz). This device is mounted on a DIN rail. The enclosure offers an IP20 protection against ingress of dust.

Additional specifications and description

Two-in-one device
DPOM8-24-20 is a Power over Modbus supply module with 24 VDC output and an integrated and fully isolated Modbus RTU communication line repeater with a transmitting side indication. 

24 VDC power supply
As a 24 VDC switch mode power supply, DPOM8-24-20 offers protection against short-circuit, overload and overvoltage. The overload function prevents damage to the power supply due to an overcurrent of the load. In case of short circuit, it simply shuts down until the fault condition is removed. The overvoltage protection prevents  applying excessive voltage to the load - even in case of instable input voltages. Only the output channel offers 24 VDC supply. The input channel is only used for the Modbus RTU repeater.
There are two output channels available featuring two options for connecting the output voltage cables: a screw terminal block and an RJ45 socket. Both connection types of electrical connections are commonly used to secure and establish connections in electronics. 

Modbus RTU repeater
As a galvanically isolated, half-duplex line repeater for Modbus RTU communication, DPOM8-24-20 can be used to interconnect Sentera devices and to reinforce Modbus RTU communication. It helps to establish a stable communication in applications with extensive cable lengths and high distance between the different Sentera devices. 
The repeater boosts the signal strength and compensates for signal degradation, such as voltage drops or noise, to ensure reliable communication over longer distances. It helps overcome the limitations of RS-485. By using repeaters, the network can be extended to cover larger areas or connect devices located far apart.
For instance, DPOM8-24-20 can reinforce the Modbus communication in applications where the distance between different Sentera devices becomes so long that communication gets disturbed. It guarantees a stable Modbus communication, even if very long cables are used.

Universally applicable device
The wide range of supply voltage (85 - 264 VAC, 50-60 Hz) makes them compatible with most applications. dpom with cables
RJ45 or terminal block 
Terminal blocks are commonly used in electrical systems for connecting wires. The load wires can be stripped and inserted into the terminal block, and then tightened using screws to establish a secure electrical connection. On the other hand, RJ45 connectors are a type of standardized connector primarily used for networking applications. They have a plastic housing with eight metal pins that align with corresponding contacts within the connector. RJ45 connectors are typically associated with network cables, but they can also be used for other purposes, including connecting loads. In Modbus RTU networks, UTP cables crimped using RJ45 connectors transmit both 24 VDC voltage and communication signals. 

LED indications
After switching the device on and establishing communication, the green LEDs (Input Active and Output Active) should blink to indicate that the communication is active. In case of overload, the red LED starts blinking. As standard, blinking green LEDs on the RJ45 connectors (RX and TX) indicate that the Modbus RTU communication is active.
DIN rail mounting
This device can be mounted on a standard DIN rail, preferably in an electric cabinet. The enclosure offers an IP20 protection against dust and dirt.

Remarks, reviews & ratings

Very good Repeater for eMobility solutions with Modbus-Integration.
Very good power supply. We use it as a repeater and a power supply for the room sensors; we also have 3S Modbus.
Хороший ретранслятор, чіткий сигнал, підходить для подовження кабелів з Модбус.
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